Capsule Apartment Community Build! 2020

Hi All!

I have created a showcase that is inspired by the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Japan and I want the Roblox Developer Community to come together to create there own rooms within the Tower!

The theme of this build will be Japan themed Apartments!

The story is that you just moved out of your parents house to live in Tokyo and just moved into the new apartment complex of capsule like apartments.

Create your own room and stylised it to your own accord :slight_smile:

Download Template Here with lighting of the map: Template.rbxl (64.5 KB)


  • Please keep to the theme of Japan apartments.
  • Your Capsule must be 500 parts.
  • Keep it pg please nothing 18+.
  • If you have things you would like to sell feel free to add them (if it’s appropriate)
  • No lag machines or anything too hard on performance.
  • No Harmful or exploiting scripts.
  • Entry for rooms ends on August 17th 2020.

When you are finished feel free to message me on the forums with the model file and ill check it out and give feedback if needed :slight_smile:

You can also message me on Discord too SetDefault #6360
I am also very active on the Shiguto Server too if you wanna message me on there too!

Any questions feel free to leave them below and have fun :smiley:


This is amazing, surely need more stuff like this i’m in. Also what if I get a few parts over the limit?

Ill let about 100 parts over but try and keep to the 500 please if possible


I don’t know if this question sounds so innecessary but
¿We can change the capsule interior colors?

Yep i colour coded them to make it easy for you guys to change :slight_smile:


This looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to participate in a Shiguto build challenge. I love cyberpunk so much. One of my favorite, if not favorite genre. You may see a submission from me in the future. :eyes: I assume you’re going for this:


I would like to know if we can use blender or anything like that to work on it

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but I am defernite in if I can or cant because it looks like something I want to do something

Absolutely! that’s fine if that helps :smiley:


Really fun idea! Awesome job putting it together. Can’t wait to see all the rooms filled up & showing the full display of all the creative people in the community.

Definitely gonna do this, the only thing is could you elaborate on the first rule? Does that limit the use of other genres or does it have to just be a traditional Japanese apartment.

Try and keep it to the theme of Japanese apartments if you need ideas try Pinterest to find inspiration and ideas

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Are the parts over 500 excused if 30% of all 500+ are mesh parts? (Possibly around 550-600 if so). Thanks!

Stick with the 500 part count please only bc there are alot of submissions

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This is amazing!
Can you tell us how you find inspiration for these? I want to follow in your footsteps as a FX designer.