Captivator Update Notes

Official thread for all updates regarding Captivator. Most recent updates are added to the top of the list.

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v3.5.18 2024-05-22T00:00:00Z

  • Added davis

v3.5.17 2024-04-27T00:00:00Z

The Death of Pay 2 Win

  • Removed the Double Capacity Gamepass
  • Changed the default Max Pieces Held & Max Runners Held for everyone to 2
  • Added the Rainbow Color Pattern as a thank you gift for everyone who bought the Double Capacity gamepass over the years!
  • Changed the Leaderboard’s update interval from 10 minutes to 1 minute
  • Fixed Capture Effects in Sudden Death showing the custom color of the person captured instead of the Captivator who caught them

v3.5.16 2024-04-01T05:00:00Z

April Fools! (Event ends April 7th)

  • Added special guns for each team, the Runner gun does 10 damage and the CaptiGun does 25!
  • Added limited time Bullet Capture Capsule Trail for the event in the shop
  • Added limited time gun pet, use code “FREEDOM!”
  • Removed Mobile & PC control restrictions
  • Disabled Mobile autojump

v3.4.15 2024-03-23T05:00:00Z

Egg Hunt: Part 2!

  • Added the 30th and final Egg, the Golden Egg
  • Added the Egg Hunt 2024 Trophy pet as a prize for finding the Golden Egg
  • Added Egg Hunt 2024 CaptiTrail for 200 Sapphires
  • Fixed the CaptiBunny suit not having it’s tail

v3.4.14 2024-03-15T05:00:00Z

The Captivator Egg Hunt 2024 is here!

  • 29 Eggs are hidden around the lobby and maps, collect them all to earn the limited time CaptiBunny suit!

v3.3.14 2024-02-26T06:00:00Z

  • Fixed issue where people would get huge amounts of liberations

v3.3.13 2024-02-14T06:00:00Z

The Feel the Love Update is here!

  • Stormcell Cupid pet added! Use code “FeelTheLove”
  • Limited time Heart 2.0 CaptiTrail added to the shop
  • Added new shade of Pink to the Custom Colors gamepas
  • Two new Valentine’s related shirts are out! Find them in the lobby
  • Chat is now very pink
  • Lobby is now very pink
  • Added MouseLock! Press Left Ctrl to toggle it
  • Classic Map now has a platform under the runner dropoff so you can see it on the snow
  • Fixed certain pets clipping with walls
  • Fixed rare softlock on the title screen

v3.3.12 2024-01-21T06:00:00Z

  • Changed Classic Map to a winter theme!
  • Fixed issue where ragdoll’d Captivators wouldn’t fall over
  • Fixed issue with ragdolls when you would get teleported, your limbs would be left behind
  • Fixed issue where ragdoll’s limbs would have no collision
  • Fixed players keeping the Lobby Cannon’s effect even after the round started
  • Fixed issue where if you had no skin equipped for your Stick, skins would not work for Sledge Hammer & Mace
  • Increased Click Detector range for Lobby Secret #1

v3.3.11 2024-01-21T06:00:00Z

  • Fixed the Sledge Hammer & Mace using the player’s currently equipped Stick skin
  • Added barriers above the Classic Map towers
  • Remade collision on Castle Map pillars so people can no longer climb them
  • Fixed hole in between the river ramp and the rocks on Farm Map

v3.3.10 2024-01-20T06:00:00Z

HUGE Runner Weapon Rework!

  • The Stick now does 25 Damage per hit, with a 25% chance for a random crit, doing 50 damage! KO Time has also been increased from 1.5s to 4s!
  • The Frying Pan now cooks delicious bacon upon hitting a Captivator, restoring 20 Stamina per hit!
  • The Board & Nail now causes a bleed effect that drains Captivator health over time, and halts their health regen!
  • The Baton now charges up an electric shock that when a Captivator is hit with it, stuns them, lowering their walkspeed for 5 seconds making consecutive hits easier!
  • The Mace now does 30 Damage, but drains Captivator Stamina upon hit!
  • The Sledge Hammer swings slow but hits EVEN HARDER, doing 65 damage per hit now and always crits. KO Time also increased from 5.5s to 6s!
  • Damage Numbers have been added so you can see just how much carnage you’re doing!
  • Captivators now ragdoll when knocked out!
  • Added Force Field effect to Captivators who have above 100 HP
  • x2 Health Card has been changed to give x1.5 Health
  • x2 Damage Card has been changed to give x1.5 Damage
  • Runner Weapons now have no level requirement, they only cost gold (and their prices reduced)
  • Changed stall time for Captivator Health regen from 7 seconds to 4, and increased the health regenerated per second from 25 to 50
  • Changed Lucky Card from 25% to 30%
  • The initial loading bar when you join the game has been removed
  • The Escape Minigame for when you’re in a Capture Capsule now gives several mercy clicks to keep autoclickers at bay but not punish legitimate players
  • Golden Stick is now offsale in the ongoing effort to eliminate Pay 2 Win from Captivator
  • Gold can no longer be purchased with Sapphires and is earned through gameplay alone
  • Lowered the Portal Piece spawn location in Space Colony that was difficult to reach
  • Fixed the /e dance2 clip
  • Fixed issue where you can always hear when someone else double jumps
  • Fixed issue where you would get 2 capsules in sudden death
  • Reworked the way KO Time works so that it’s always accurate
  • Fixed error where the playerlist in the trade menu wouldn’t work
  • Fixed Portal Piece spawn locations being visible on Jungle before the Portal Pieces spawn in
  • Fixed Portal Piece spawn locations being visible on Stadium before the Portal Pieces spawn in
  • Fixed snowmen’s hats
  • Fixed Lucky Card displaying the wrong chance
  • Disabled ProTips on the Captured Screen
  • Disabled the Tutorial on the Title Screen
  • New Server Messages
  • Removed Christmas decorations

v3.2.9 2024-01-07T06:00:00Z

  • Added 26 new badges!
  • Added Badge Tracker UI
  • Reduced Stamina Regen stall time from 3 seconds to 2
  • Stamina now only takes 3 seconds to regenerate to full instead of 8 (266% increase!)
  • Speed Perk Card now gives 200 Stamina instead of 150
  • Made the Escape the Capsule minigame a bit more responsive (Square moves twice as fast and uses linear movement so it’s more clear when you can click it again)
  • Added a little platform on the Farm map so you can jump in the river and get out near the Runner Dropoff
  • Changed the distribution from 4 Runners to 1 Captivator to 5 Runners to 1 Captivator
  • Fixed issue where if you caught the last Runner, any runners currently being held in Capture Capsules wouldn’t be counted toward your end of game stats
  • Fixed the infamous Capti-Curse bug where some players wouldn’t be able to play the game, even after rejoining
  • Added new shade of Blue to the Custom Colors gamepass
  • Removed force field from Space Colony teleporters
  • Reduced prices of all Runner Weapons to help new players compete against the veterans
  • Added gameplay tips back to the Captured screen
  • Added 2 new Server Messages

v3.1.8 2023-12-29T06:00:00Z

  • Added voice chat
  • Added 10 new badges
  • Added Orange to the Custom Colors gamepass
  • Decreased the gold required for the perk card crate (was 50, now 20), increased the number of perk cards it gives you, and changed the amount of cards you get from the sample pack from 2 to 10
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use Roblox’s UI navigator to super spam the escape minigame while in a capture capsule.
  • (Hopefully) FIxed issue where players would randomly lag really hard
  • Reduced time it takes to open crates from 10 seconds to 5

v3.0.7 2023-12-25T06:00:00Z

  • Fixed emotes
  • Lowered level caps for Runner Weapons to help new players compete against seasoned Captivators
  • The shop now shows runner weapons in order of their level
  • Added water back to that little trough around the spawn in lobby. I have no idea how long it’s been gone or why it vanished, but it’s there again.
  • Fixed an issue where the trade window would sometimes break
  • Fixed issue where new players would get 9999 sapphires lol
  • Changed lobby to christmas theme :smiley:

v3.0.6 2023-09-21T05:00:00Z

  • Added compliance for countries where loot boxes & paid item trading are not allowed

v3.0.5 2023-08-27T05:00:00Z

  • Fixed music not looping

v3.0.4 2023-08-13T05:00:00Z

  • Fixed music duplicating over itself
  • Removed 3 second cooldown on changing settings
  • Removed Christmas decorations

v3.0.3 2022-12-14T06:00:00Z

  • Added new music for Cave map!

v3.0.2 2022-12-06T06:00:00Z

  • NEW ACHIEVEMENT! Group Poop! Have 4 players all sitting on the toilets in Castle Map!
  • Gave Captivators a ForceField when going through teleporters on Space Colony
  • Made Space Colony Atrium vines collisionless
  • Fixed Stadium’s release sequence
  • Significantly reduced amount of time Jungle’s release sequence takes
  • Cave map’s release ForceField runners get only lasts 4 seconds now instead of 10
  • Nerfed Luck Card - now a 25% chance to activate instead of 50%

Made significant changes to the Prison Map!

  • Added new route to help with map balance
  • Removed breakable wall
  • Added rain gutter to keep portal pieces from becoming inaccessible
  • Removed platform near captivator dropoff
  • Fixed Baseplate
  • Added more bars in the prison cell to help see outside
  • Moved Supply Room door to help prevent camping
  • Anchored barrels in Supply Room
  • Made Supply Room vent ladder easier to grab

v3.0.1 2022-12-05T06:00:00Z

  • Island Map significantly changed to make it more friendly to Captivators
  • Fixed issue where a Portal Piece could spawn in the Captivator Spawn on Desert Map
  • Classic & Cave map Portal Pieces Spawn Locations are now invisible as they should be
  • Made special snowmen in the lobby
  • Attempted to fix Captivators having hats
  • Asteroids outside Runner Spawn on Space Colony now have collision again
  • Fixed issues where you can keep Double Jump after the game was over
  • Attempted to fix memory leak related to chat

v3.0.0 2022-12-04T06:00:00Z

The Big Stuff

  • Jump Card changed to Double Jump card!
  • Lucky Card is now fixed + has a new speed boost mechanic for when you get lucky!!
  • The game can now start with only 2 players instead of 4!
  • LOADS of changes to every map, each map’s changes will be listed below
  • Stamina & Captivator Health now rapidly regenerates after not being depleted for a short bit of time! See if you can find the new Stamina Management meta :wink:
  • New FREE Captivator Suit to mark the occassion! The Party-vator! Use code “Party” to unlock it! Comes with a kazoo that periodically spits out confetti!
  • All moving objects (Rotating platforms, waterwheels, etc.) Now move smoothly and parkour related moving objects will now pull you along on top of them instead of sliding out from under you!
  • LOADS of bug fixes, including the long standing sprinting animation bugs! All bug fixes listed below

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Character Animations (Sprinting, Exhaustion, Swinging While Sprinting, Capsule Holding)
  • Fixed Leaderboards
  • Fixed a long standing issue where the little core inside the capture capsule wouldn’t go invisible if the Captivator was full
  • Fixed Reset Disabler
  • Fixed “No one to spectate” message when no game was active
  • Fixed Golden Stick back particle effects
  • Fixes Wedges on Capti-Suits going invisible after regaining consciousness
  • Fixed Cave & Jungle Map music
  • Fixed issue where you could get your mouse stuck if you go in first person while in a menu with a Scrolling Frame
  • Fixed innacurate teleport code for spawning (No more falling out of the Classic Map Captivator Spawn!
  • Fixed Lucky Card
  • Cleaned up multiple memory leaks & improved overall code efficiency
  • Fixed issue where game would count newly joined players as non-AFK

Balance Changes

  • Changed Team Distribution from 3 Runners then 1 Captivator to 1 Captivator then 3 Runners, making for more balanced teams in smaller servers and adding the ability to start the game with only 2 players
  • Changed Escape Minigame to reverse progress when you click the black background
  • Stamina Card nerfed, now gives 150 Max Stamina instead of 200

Quality of Life

  • Smoothed out I-Frames Animation for recovering Captivators
  • Smoothed out Classic Map forcefield effect so it’s not longer choppy
  • Changed “Waiting for Players” UI to “Waiting for 2 Active Players”
  • Extended Click Detector Range on Pool Lobby Secret & Ball Room Lobby secret
  • All moving parts now move smoothly and no longer have a choppy look to them


  • Changed Lobby Secret Capsules to Collisionless
  • Removed 10 minute gift boxes
  • Disabled the requirement to complete the tutorial
  • Fixed stairs in Secret 1 area
  • Removed Old Promo codes
  • Removed old Camera and Control scripts
  • Capti-Suit adjustments - Neon turned down on suits to better show the patterns, suits with pauldrons had them turned to a lighter shade of black to help with visual clarity, suit lights no longer clip on the inside of the torso, head now animates separately, added PointLight to captivators to help them be easier to spot, changed all suit parts to Massless to prevent any hinderance of movement
  • Adjusted Tip amounts
  • Made invisible path leading to Secret 3 Transparency .5 instead of fully invisible
  • Normal crate changed to Perk Card crate so you can always get Perk Cards if that’s what you want
  • Fixed Legendary and Ultimate loot crate typos
  • Game start UI now only offers Perk Cards applicable to your team
  • Tutorial made easier for new players
  • Added 4 new Server Messages

Map Changes

Classic Map:

  • Fixed Portal Piece Spawn Location by the playground
  • Fixed getting stuck in chimneys
  • Made ForceFields smoother
  • Added Ladders to the map so Runners with Double Jump can always be gotten to
  • Added slide from the office tower to the little tower next to it to help with getting Runners with Double Jump
  • Added 6 new Portal Piece Spawn Locations in the newly accessible areas

Desert Map:

  • Moved River Teleport Destination
  • Moved Runner Spawn
  • Moved Captivator spawn up higher to keep them from being farmed for Keys while AFK
  • Adjusted Rocks
  • Significantly improved hitboxes on the dino
  • Adjusted existing and added new Portal Piece Spawn Locations
  • New truss added near Captivator Spawn

Farm Map:

  • Fixed getting stuck in the silo’s chute
  • Added new trusses to farm houses

Island Map:

  • Adjusted Boundaries to open up way more play area
  • Adjusted rocks to open up more area
  • Adjusted top barrier of the Captivator release
  • Added new paths and areas to the map
  • Added 6 new Portal Piece Spawn Locations

Jungle Map:

  • Removed some trees
  • Moved Portal Piece Spawn Locations
  • Added bridge across river near Runner Spawn
  • Fixed hitboxes that messed with capsule throwing
  • Rvamped the Mountain Cave to make it more accessable and visible
  • Added a rock bridge across the River near the Captivator Spawn
  • Removed a few trusses near Captivator Spawn and added some on the other side
  • Added mysterious door
  • Moved Captivator Dropoff back to a safer location
  • Raised Captivator spawn to prevent camping AFK Captivators’
  • Adjusted truss on rock formation to make it more friendly to Captivators
  • Adjusted rocks on the mountain to make it easier to climb
  • Recolored certain parts of the rocks to help with visual clarity

Cave Map:

  • Made Ceiling Higher
  • Recolored rocks for better depth perception
  • Smoothed out the tunnel system to help with navigation
  • Added doorway and made wider the small tunnel in the truss shaft block
  • Significantly changed pathing near Captivator Spawn for map balance
  • Raised lights in the truss shaft parkour and made one of the sides easier
  • Opened up the underpass near the mining house, raising mining house ceiling and gave it a roof
  • Removed parkour behind mining house and replaced it with a staircase
  • Made water near old trance opaque as to not mess with water vapor particles and moved said particles increase visibility
  • Added boarded off door to the tunnels to make it easier to see where players are
  • Moved Portal Piece Spawn Locations
  • Made ropes holding up ceiling trusses collisionless

Pirate Ship:

  • Made objects in the water collisionless


  • Made wall flood lights collisionless
  • Moved some Portal Piece Spawn Locations

Space Colony:

  • Made asteroids collisionless


  • Removed invisible part that would mess up capsule throwing in Captivator Spawn


  • Added barriers to all off limit areas and made certain climbable elements collisionless

All Maps:

  • Added new eject zone system to all maps to make sure that no one ever gets stuck in the prisons after being released
  • Added and reworked out of bounds barriers on all maps

Sudden Death Maps:

  • Added barriers to prevent Double Jump abuse

This is one of, if not the biggest update I’ve ever published to any of my games. So I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have!!!

v2.20.62 2020-01-05T06:00:00Z

  • Fixed bug that would allow players to clip through walls
  • Moved CaptiSpawn closer to the Captivator Dropoff on the Farm map
  • Added Trusses near the Captivator Dropoff on Cave map
  • Fixed bug where sometimes Capture Capsules wouldn’t spawn on clients who did not throw it.
  • Fixed Gamepass Billboards in the lobby, and added a new one for the x3 Captivator Chance gamepass.
  • Removed Christmas Decorations

v2.20.61 2019-12-22T06:00:00Z

  • Snow, Snowmen, Christmas Tree, and strings of lights were added to the lobby for Christmas!

  • Added new map to the game, Pirate Ship!

The Pirate Ship is the 11th map to be added to the game. It’s set in the middle of a barren ocean with only a few uninhabitable islands around, and a scent of treasure in the air. The ship itself makes up the entire play area featuring 2 lower decks filled with cannons, bunk rooms, and a storage area. The top deck has 3 layers to it that start high toward the bow of the ship, sink lower toward the middle, and rise up at the end to boast the helm of the ship. On each level of the upper deck is also the dining hall and captain’s quarters. This is by far the most vertically emphasized map the game has received, making it stand apart from all the rest!

  • Disabled Anti-Camp for dropoffs on all maps
  • Fixed bug where an inactive Captivator dropoff would take your key even if it’s mid-release animation.
  • Fixed Prison Map’s vent jump being made near impossible due to Roblox updates.
  • Attempted to fix bug where Captivators would fall out of the spawn plane when the game starts.
  • Fixed Robux throwing effect for tips
  • Fixed Robux pet’s texture
  • Added Thunder Suit to the game as my personal suit