Capture The Flag Update (4/1/23)

New updates

  1. Egg Hunt
  2. New lobby
  3. New secret room
  4. April fools map (April 1st-April 7th)

2023 Egg Hunt Information

We have hidden 5 eggs around our game lobby, we have even hidden some eggs where you would not think to look! Once you have found all 5 eggs you will get a special Roblox badge!


Q: When will the Egg Hunt end?
A: Our 2023 Egg Hunt will end on April 30th at 6:00 P.M PST

Q: Will we only get a Roblox badge when we collect all the eggs?
A: Yes, you will only get a Roblox badge when all 5 eggs have been collected

New Lobby

We have added one extra side to our lobby. This new side will be our new “Hall of fame” and in the next few updates, will slowly convert into a clothing store where users will be able to purchase our Roblox T-shirts, shirts, and pants!

New Lobby Picture

New Secret Room

We have add lazes to the room so you now have to get past them to get to the laser gun. If you touch the lazes, you lose 30% of your health.

Secret Room Picture

Special thanks to

CTF Developers
CTF Testers
CTF community
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