Car Bug in roblox Studio

I don’t know much about scripting, I don’t think because this is of some script error But when I enter a LAND Vehicle Only a Land vehicle, not an Arial Vehicle, My Screen is fixed from where I entered the car, and my character that is sitting on the car Moves but my screen if still fixed there.



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Seems like the camera type is wrong, maybe look at the code you already have for the car and see where it changes the camera type
Also, did you check for errors?

I’m super helpless over this this wasn’t happening with these cars before…

and it is happpening with every land vehicle i spawn in from toolbox or game

I’m guessing you’ve used a bunch of free models.
First off, try closing out of Studio and then restarting it in case it’s a momentary glitch.
The next thing I’d worry about is that one of your free models has some camera script in it that’s affecting the camera all the time.
Try taking one of the car models and putting it into a new blank game then see if the camera issue is still there.

maybe better if you did not use that model.
I mean Roblox have Cars in their templates right?

I’m kinda new so I’m a little confused can you tell this in more detail please?

I think it’s happening with every car i spawn in from the toolBox as it wasn’t even happening with those cars before.

I’ll try that :slight_smile: Thanks if it works i think there should be camera script i’ll read and delete it :slight_smile:

But there’s one thing I’m not sure that there’s a script in the cars as I’m also using the STARTER jeep made by Roblox that camera glitch is also happening with it too,Actually before i was using them and trhe camera was all OKAY, but once i used a free model Plane it’s camera type was very different and different to control while test and it was so different it literally flung me and kinda broke the game i think or some…Although i did delete it out of the game…

this is the only “CAMERA” named script in the cars

well car camera bug usually happen to most of car models.
even popular games still have that bugs.
And mostly it happen because of the script.

But the one that broke the Camera in actually the Driver Seat.
well this could happen if you try to edit the car and some how you change something without knowing it, or doing it.
If you ask me my First Step that always works is “Copy Paste The Model In A New File (Place)”.
You can use a plugin to fix or take a new model.
or you can just use the older car before you edit it (Replace position include).

Is there a script that i can add in the camera section to set the camera back to original position? Actually I’m not a very good of a scripter…

Actually this

is one script in the driver seat of one vehicle is something wrong with it?

Did you use the Explorer window Search bar to search for the word Script? It’ll show you all the scripts that are in your game.
Some models like the airplane you put in your game may have put a script into other folders that you normally wouldn’t look in.
From what you just said I’m pretty sure that there is something left in the game from the free model airplane.

If you have to use a free model that has scripts in it, I’d suggest loading it into a blank baseplate and trying it out first. That way you can see if an older model still works.
Also there are a lot of free models in the toolbox that have harmful scripts in them. That’s why I suggested a blank baseplate so you can look at the folders/services in your Explorer window when you add it and see if anything else is put into the place as well.

I will try that now :smiley: hopefully that would work so should i delete any script that is trying to change the camera location?

It’s hard to say.
When you use the Search in your Explorer window with the name ‘Script’ how many scripts are in your game.

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I’m afraid there are 600+ as i’m making a jailbreak genre game there would be LOTS as when i was making just the prison there were 285+ now i have read to the city (Not done with it)

if i would link you the plane model can you see in a new place if something is wrong with it?

No i tested the car in new place the camera is fine.