Car chassis test

Hello guys, I am making a driving simulator from a ling time and today finally I completed the car chassis and I drove that car for more than 6 hours and I have tested but I think there are more bug and I am not able to find it I need second person feedback on my chassis please help me to find and the problem with my car I want to make it best


I could say that one problem would be that when you try to stop it, it should stop almost instantly, but when you try to stop the car it continues a little longer until it stops.

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I know that it will not be that fast in the real game but maybe lower the steering sensitivity

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Ever tried breaking in a car irl? The one in the game is pretty accurate. Accel is too fast though


I am making handbrake for that and I made the car speed fast because I was trying to make my car-free and easy to move as I am going to make driving simulator I will decrease the speed of the car as per the need

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