Car crash physics question

Hello fellow people!

So recently me and my other friend have been making a car game and im wanting to implement car crash physics. I did make some test scripts which occasionally crashed the whole game but im now looking on how to make an actual system. I know i should use raycasting but don’t know how to cast rays all around the car, im using the mesh car from roblox’s new racing template but yeah you get the idea. Im looking to not make it extremely complex but fairly, so it would run smoothly with no crashing and so on. Should i run the calculations on client or server and so on.

This article might help you!

Thats a really good article! Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It looks like you don’t have to cast rays in all directions anymore for something like this, you can now use the volume of a Part or a MeshPart with a ShapeCast: