Car Dealership System

How can i make a dealership system with datastore using profile service?

Im trying to make a spawning system like ERLC but i don’t know how i can script the system to be compatible with profile service, there is a ton of open source spawners but they all uses the “default” saving.

I tried to use the table. Insert but it did not work for some reason, and it feels weird having to make a variable for every single car.

Any help would be appreciated!!


What you are trying to do is very difficult, but not impossible. This requires great knowledge in Scripting and some research on the ERLC system, I am going to explain to you the question that I think you have:

Imagine that Car1 is a car, each car is assigned a color (HEXA), a license plate name (String), the fuel (0 - 100), Car damage (0 - 5), you can even add more.
In principle, the color is usually written in Hexa, there are usually some colors assigned to variables and the user can choose between those colors. For the person who enters his license plate name, you will save it in a simple String, the amount of fuel depending on how far he travels, will be discounted to the value -2 per KM and finally how damaged the car is, you can save as 0 ( The car has not been damaged) up to 5 (When the car stops working and catches fire).
All of this is saved in the DataStorage, in the form of [UserId-‘Variable that you want to save’].Value, this will be equal to the string, a float or an integer.

That is what I have understood that you have doubts. I hope it has helped you, if you have any more questions, I haven’t resolved it yet or you have something to ask me, let me know by replying or writing privately.

The principle of the Spawn system is very simple to understand:

Each location where a car can spawn is assigned a number. There is a script that generates a random number in that number range and the location where it will spawn will be at that location.

For example: we have here 1, 2, 3. You press the Spawn button of a vehicle, then the algorithm generates a number between 1 - 3. Imagine that it generated 2, then the car will spawn at the location of 2.

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Thank you for the help, i understand better now!