Car Front Turning Issue

Hello, Devs.
Today I finished creating a car skeleton/chassis, but the front servos for turning are weak, loose, and spin out constantly. I used two videos (officially by Roblox) to make my version of this simple car:
The Joints: Making a Car: Joints - YouTube
The VehicleSeat Script: Making a Car: VehicleSeat - YouTube

This is what happens when I try to use the car:robloxapp-20210331-1526368.wmv
If you know how to fix this please give your ideas. Thank you!


I am not sure exactly because I don’t necessary work in this type of build but I got a YouTube video here that could help possible…

also you could just copy and paste your wheels which are working well and replaces the bad one and if it’s not the wheels then possible the suspension of the wheels are messed up. So yeah hope this is your Solution!

It’s the front wheels’ turning systems’ weakness which is the problem. Also I don’t want to copy another persons chassis, I want my own.

I didn’t say to copy another one but copy the ones that you made in the back and copy that and reverse it and put it to the front.

Ah my bad. Though It will be difficult for me, a starter builder, to take from another scripted model.

Just Ungroup it, duplicate by pressing Ctrl. + D move the duplicate to the front group the wheels to the car and I think you got it. I am not 100% sure because I don’t know how roblox cars works but yeah I think this is your solution. Just follow the steps I said.

I just want to figure out how to remove the looseness in my model.

Hmmmm. I am not quite sure about the looseness of the model. Like how did you make the back wheels because I can’t comprehend lol

I simply used a motor to attach the back wheel, and a motor with a servo for the front

I am not sure what your talking about because I am not a scripter and saw this on builders help event though this should reviewed by a scripter so I don’t know man. I hope you find someone who knows what’s your problem in the front good luck. Also my bad for not helping, I was trying my best. Have a great day.

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Servos are known to be buggy in that manner, and have been known to be buggy like that for a very long time. Your only choices are to either reduce the power/torque of the motor to a miniscule number, or add some sort of steering dampener so that when it springs back it doesn’t freak out.