Car GFX thumbnails

I recently got into GFX thumbnail design, and I feel like these thumbnails look good and so I want to make some for you. I would also like some feedback on what to improve and your thoughts about these.

PS: I only make CAR GFX.

If you would like me to make one for you, DM me at Ibalh1


They look pretty good if they were from an actual Roblox game. I assume you just used beamng to show how you edit the image though. So they look nice


Were these images created in a GFX manipulation program? They seem like screenshots from with added bloom and motion blur. Anyone with this game can recreate these images quickly if that’s the case. It might be more fitting to share these images on the forum rather than here, as they seem unrelated to Roblox. My rating is 6/10 because they look pretty good, but they are deceiving because you probably put little effort into them.


These GFXs look nice, good job on them!

Could use a little more work on composition. Using car photography for references can help you a lot. Better lighting, models, and textures can significantly improve the visuals.

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