Car Is stuck at wedge

Hello, so I am making a tower defense game and my map has a wedge where normal enemys can easily walk up but my car model gets stuck when trying to drive up that wedge.


My Car model:
Car.rbxm (128.0 KB)

I hope someone can help me.
Have a nice day.

it is still not really solved.

To receive help you must provide enough context, people who come here and look dont know anything about your game, the code that moves the car nor any code that manipulates the car model, meaning, it’s probably impossible for them to help.

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Without any context on how it is moving. Maybe try messing with mass on the parts with CustomPhysiicalProperties [checked] and set.

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Try to put an invisible ramp in front of it so that the initial part isn’t as steep.

Here are things, that I think would solve the issue:

-Add suspension to the vehicle
-Increase the vehicle’s horsepower
-Make the wedge part smoother, and not so steep