Car Madness - Game Review (poll included)

Hello everyone! I’ve currently made a similar post to this one however I believe it’s time that I do another survey on the Dev forums because the game has changed a lot since then! I’ve been currently working on this new game over the past 3 months now, I hope for it to be a big contender on the front page some day, It’s called Car Madness!


Car Madness is a battle-royal car game with your main goal to be the last person standing. Collect cool power ups to defeat your opponents tactically or recklessly! Save up your tokens to buy from our selection of crates! Open those crates to receive a random skin you can apply to your car! Customize every aspect of your car in the lobby by changing its color to your taste of fashion! Climb to the top of the leader board! And a lot more to think and do in this game.

I’m looking for constructive feedback that could be beneficial to the game, so either a custom review would be fine or you can answer these questions:

  1. First impression when you join the game?
  2. Does the GUI seem appealing?
  3. Are there many things to do? Or do you get bored?
  4. How long would you play before leaving?
  5. Final rating? 1 out of 10

Or if you prefer an easier method, you can vote from this poll:

  • It’s a genuinely good game
  • Its ok, I might come back now and then
  • I wouldn’t play it

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I’m not a fan of the trees. It looked like you made a few then copy and pasted the rest. I’ll definitely check out the game again after a few updates!

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My impressions:

  1. When I first joined the game, I was put into a match straight away without any loading to do, leaving me driving around in a floating car, no GUI, no sound and the wheels weren’t moving, so as you can imagine I wasn’t that impressed, however the game play is fun and I could get used to it.
  2. The GUI in the car is just not needed with those big green parts on either side, it just blocked my field of view and made it a lot harder to see what was going on with the screen being really crowded.
  3. The GUI scaling wasn’t scaled correctly, when I clicked on a button on the left side of the screen, it would block me from clicking back on the button or at least make it harder to click off the GUI.
  4. I personally don’t like the GUI buttons, they don’t look so good and I think just an icon or a 2d button would work better than blocky and disproportionate.
  5. The car designs are pretty cool and I like them so good job on that, however the car physics just aren’t there, when you hit a car most times I was thinking “Is this doing anything? am I doing this right? Is it working?”, when you hit over cars there is just no impact, usually when hitting a car in real life it will jolt back but in your game it just stays still.
  6. Recognition that you’re actually being damaged, when driving around or going into other cars I didn’t even realise that I was getting damaged off it or anything was happening, as a matter of fact that was what was happening most times, I didn’t know what was happening.

I didn’t actually get bored, I only ended up leaving because the lack of players(2) which was a little boring driving around the map, but before that I liked it.

In conclusion I think you need to do some major touching up, the concept and the idea is there, however the execution could be worked on. :+1: