Car Modelers Needed ($$$)

We’re looking for a new car modeler that can make cars similar to the style of the ones in the image below. This would be a medium sized job but with reoccurring opportunities. We need someone that has good availability and can dedicate themselves to meeting deadlines.

We pay all of our contractors via PayPal or Wire Transfer. This is a well paid position, please apply only if you have examples of previous work and a well filled out portfolio.



Mind telling what a “well-paid” position is? How much do you pay per car? [30 chars]

@GGenderYT he is your guy. He is very good. 10/10 Reccomendation.

Hi, My name is Turtle and i would Like to apply for this Job.
I have been Modeling cars since i started using blender, I manage 3 or 4 Styles of Creation for the creation of the cars, They can be Textured Or Untextured by me, And i will manage every problem that happens while Exportating, Heres my Portfolio:

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Wow these are very nice! My husband just added you on Discord, look for Aviator.

I suggest confirming that he actually made those cars… if you look at his portfolio neither of those cars are there. Work as magnificent as those two cars surely would be displayed on a portfolio.

A quick search on google image reverse doesnt lead to anything about MTFK’s exact image but looking at Deviant Art related to the image you can find the actual details which got changed up. This is not his original work and based on his actual portfolio, this is way above his skill gap.

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Just so we can award credit to the original author:
I understand cars can look similar but you legitimately just bought a model off cgtrader. Its quite obvious. I literally got someone who was pulling the same crap yesterday. Nice try buddy.
EDIT: The last guy who did this pulled the same “dont accuse me buddy” approach. It didnt work well for him either.

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We’re looking to pay $50 to $100 per vehicle depending on quality and rate at which the vehicles could be completed.

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This could be a job for @GuestCapone you should try to message him. He’s one of the best modelers on the platform.

I am no modeler but i do have a theory. if you are willing to spend 50$ to 100$ on models you might as well go to they have the highest quality in Vehicle models for under 100$ i am just saying this is a alternative move then you just get someone to lower the poly count and import it for you. and lowering poly count is not hard at all any modeler who has worked with car model packs from squir will know their models are easy to lower the poly count in

Due to being previously employed by a certain company who this client had worked with for their game in the past, I cannot work with or for them due to a non-compete clause that I had agreed to when I left them.


I’m pretty sure she’s looking for optimized vehicles with a low poly count but still with a nice level of detail.

but thats what im saying any good modeler can lower the cars for that site to about 100K and they will still look good

The cars in that site have already got a polycount that goes from 50k to 200k like any normal game ready car for AAA games, if they are looking for a modeler it’s because they can’t do it by them self so I guess they wouldn’t be able to lower the polycount, also to lower it you’d need to make a new complete retopology which is pretty annoying if you can just make the car from 0 and keep it under the 30k polys.


I‘m interested in your job. May we communicate through discord(#2118eazyiest), at least if you have an account there, otherwise we can sort it different. I can introduce myself then.
The reason I want to introduce myself and show my portfolio on discord is because I barely use the dev forum which means i‘m not used to it.

Greets Eazyiest

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