Car Modeler(s) Wanted

Welcome car builders! I’m looking for someone that can make car bodies and keep a consistent style. My mission is to achieve Roblox’s first legit Racing Game.

If I choose your body(s) then you will be rewarded with robux (amount depends on how good) and credit for the body.

I provide the chasis, it will use SimChassis for an example go to this place (25 Robux for alpha access.)
For a free alternative but extremely outdated example visit this place.

Here’s what you must know if you choose to accept.
[li]All you have to do is build any kind of vehicle body ie: Monster Truck, Sports Car, Super, Sedan, SUV, Offroad, Van, etc[/li]
[li]The scale must be consistent and make sense with a lane width of ~16 studs (It should fit with some extra room)[/li]
[li]I will enforce a max brick count as lots of moving parts lag, the max instance count should be under 150. (Instances include base-parts, unions, and textures)[/li]

For inspiration use google images, or look at Pacifico’s bodies.

I encourage low part models that look great! Use of CSG is encouraged!

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If you’re looking for 1920-70s car bodies, JohnDrinking and Third448 can make those.


it looks like mine is a little narrow

Any particular reason your lanes are so wide…? I tend to use widths of around 20 (give or take some) because that fits better with the character size.

Oh my bad a lane is 16, I wasn’t thinking I did a whole two way road.

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