Car Physics Lagging

Hey guys,

I recently created a car using the roblox spring constraints and prismatic contraints, but there seems to be a problem with them. In my game, the cars run fine when the server first starts up, but the older the server gets, the more laggy the cars become, to the point when simply standing on the car makes the camera go all jumpy and you can barely move (let alone actually trying to drive it). I’m not sure if it’s specifically a problem in my game, but I just wanted to check if anyone else has this trouble when building cars using roblox’s constraint system?


The reason it’s confusing me is because everything else does not lag at all around the car. I have had other players walking around the car while it is lagging and they are walking around flawlessly and smoothly. It seems to be only the car which lags and I have no idea why.

Does this happen in other games to?

I don’t think so. The cars work perfectly well in studio test sessions, but I haven’t tested them in other games as my other games don’t involve cars.

There is a probably another reason might be that since your position is being obtained from the client, you might be lagging and that affects the car’s physics too. And did you close roblox studio, and start it back up again. Or those this happen in your other games you create!!

Character movement is not affected by physics throttle. This is probably why players do not lag when the car does.

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