Car Renders GFX, feedback is appreciated

About me:

Hi there my name is Stylex. I Have been doing game development for about 1-2 years now and have accumulated 3.3 Million Visits on my Experience. I have always wanted some high quality renders but could never find someone to do them. So I spent the past 8 months learning to render. and do touch ups. Let me know what your thoughts are and if there is anything you think I should do different!

Practice Renders:

Commissioned Renders


I really like all of these renders I think you’ve got most of the lighting on point.
Something to look into:
I do believe that for your second image, the car lights you can try with them on. giving the front of the car more lighting. The environment around it may be a bit too dim or not enough lighting. Try a similar style to what you did for your forth one.
I hope this would help you somehow

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Thanks for that I Kinda edited it in a rush because I finished then render a few minutes prior to this post very much appreciated!