Car Rig Breaking

I made a mario kart model and wanted to make it driveable, which I knew from the start it wasn’t going to be easy. I followed Crazyman32’s guide on how to rig a car (How to Rig a Car) and i’ve made a few adjustments to small things like speed and stuff like that. no super big changes - except maybe that my model is made up of roughly 40 MeshParts. I managed to rig, weld, and sort everything into proper collision groups correctly and it seems to be working properly. except this keeps happening.
(my friend testing it)

at random times when i hop in the kart, something bugs out in the OccupantChanged function in the CarHandler script and some wheels bounce into the air. I know it has something to do with the physics messing up but i can’t seem to figure out what exactly. If you notice in the ouput, “start client” is when I get in the seat and “stop client” is when i hop out.

which means it only randomly “index nil with character” i’ve been fighting with this thing for almost 2 days, and its driving me crazy. Anyone have any idea what could possibily be going on?
here’s the lines where it messes up:

local function OccupantChanged()
if (seat.Occupant) then return end
if (occupiedPlayer.Character) then
SetCharacterCollide(occupiedPlayer.Character, true)
if (occupiedClientScript.Parent) then
occupiedClientScript.Stop.Value = true
local client = occupiedClientScript
delay(3, function()
occupiedPlayer = nil
occupiedClientScript = nil


Any help is much appreciated!


Firstly I suggest cleaning up your current errors then testing again and reading over you code.

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