Car spins when trying to turn

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I’m trying to make a car work.
The car keeps spinning

I use surface hinges and :makejoints() and then put a vehicleseat on the car. The car keeps spinning when I try to turn.

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Because VehicleSeats should be placed at the center of the car for best effect.
They work out the distance to the wheels involved and calculate the speed that the wheels should turn at but if it isn’t centered that happens.
HingeConstraints have been deprecated but they still work since older cars still have that system.

Have you looked at the Car kit tutorial?

It allows you to move the VehicleSeat to wherever you want and also provides realistic steering and suspension using Constraints. Remember to follow the steps very carefully and watch the videos to see what you need to do.

You may also want to check the Friction Property of the wheel Parts. I usually set it to maximum (2) for wheels to provide some traction when going up hills or around corners.

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I can’t use that chassis since it steers unrealistically.
I put the vehicleseat in the middle of the car and it still does that.
I also increased the friction and it still slides.

That chassis actually works very well if you tweak the settings properly for the weight and speed of the car.

In your car VehicleSeat Properties does it say 4 hinges detected?
Also try putting a decal on each wheel to see if they are spinning or are welded to another part of the car. I can’t tell from the video if they all spin normally or are at the same height on the chassis.

If you save the car to a file and put the model here I can have a look at it for you.

Yes, it says 4 hinges are detected.

Heres video of the car with decals:

Also the wheels can not collide with the body of the car because I have collision groups set up.

What are your MaxSpeed, and Torque settings on the VehicleSeat?
The speed GUI at the bottom suggests your MaxSpeed is around 150. You have to be careful setting the speed (and Torque) values higher because just like a real car, if you have too much Torque the wheels just spin when you accelerate.
Try setting Torque a bit lower, as well as tweaking the TurnSpeed.
What do you mean you don’t have collision groups set up? That only has to do with if you are using them. If you have the CanCollide Property of the wheels and the car Parts checked off then they do collide, and that has nothing to do with whether they are welded to each other.