Car still gets flung by Seat

Hey guys, I still need help with this

It’s been like 2 weeks and I still can’t sort it out.
I tried removing every single piece of the car( to see if it was collisions, but it’s not!)
If it’s not collisions, what’s causing this annoying issue?

When you sit, the car just goes crazy.

Repro file

Classic Baseplate.rbxl (289.7 KB)

Video of Issue

Even more videos..


Edited the post and added a Repro file.

Anyone can help out!
Sorry if I’m annoying bahaha.

If the car is less heavy than the character, it’ll face the direction that you sat down at. Try making the car’s density higher.

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Alternatively, upping the Root Priority of the seat can be an affective option is keeping the car stable between swaps. @varjoyTes, go to the properties of the seat and turn RootPriority to something large, like 100.