Car Tutorial Download Access Denied

The car tutorial download link gives access denied.

Using Chrome on Windows 10 in UK.


It doesn’t for me. You might either have a weird perm or it was a temporary glitch. Try accessing it again.

You could also provide a screenshot of the error screen it gives you for reference. I can run it through google drag-and-drop image search.

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Maybe it’s the region you are in? It works fine for me.

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Can confirm, I’m getting the same issue:

Running latest version of chrome on Windows 10.


Can confirm this issue, @PandaPb may I ask what browser you are using. This issue may be different for each browser. I’m using Google.

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I’m using Bing. Windows edge.

[Update] Can’t find the page on Chrome/google

Weird, it still doesn’t seem to be working on Microsoft Edge either.

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This issue happens probably to 99% of us. Roblox maybe messed up something and they didn’t know probably that they made access restricted to files

Huh, strange bug. I’ll pass this along to our webmaster and see if we can get this fixed soon. I can’t seem to download it either, even with a VPN. In the meantime, can anyone with access post a mirror of the file?


Omg I read the post wrong… nvm

I think Ozzypig meant a copy of the rbxl file which is what is failing to download for some of us.


If you’re able to post the place download file for this then it would be much appreciated!

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I just updated the page and it should be all set now!

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Thank you for fixing the issue, greatly appreciated!

Has this problem re-appeared again, on ?

I am getting the same problem as OP, or an “Oops! We can’t find the page you’re looking for”, depending on whether I click on the ‘blue down-arraw icon’ or on the ‘CarKit.rblx text’.

Seems like the ‘icon’ link refers to
where as the ‘CarKit.rblx’ link refers to

I tried a bit of “magic”, and reduced the link to just - which seems to be a working link, as that actually downloaded a CarKit.rblx file.

Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy, I’ve updated the links so that they are both in the same/correct format.

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