CARBINE LEGENDS: Game Test #1 Grade Report

Dear Infinite Development Studio Community,

I have just completed the first ever test of our game. The official report for the test is included below this. This is a big step in development for Carbine Legends ! I hope that in the near future we can carry out public tests. This will not be for a while however.

The test went well in some areas, but had its flaws in the other areas. I will let you guys read the report first and not go into details here. If you have any questions regarding the test or the report, please create a support ticket in #support-ticket in our communications server. Please note I am not always online, so I may be late in responding to you.

Link to report: Infinite Development Studio - GAME TEST #1 REPORT - OFFICIAL DOCUMENT - Google Docs

Edit (06/26/22): Gamemode section of test grade was revised!!!