Carbon Engine; Better than Games Unite

Carbon Engine - Roblox

Basically a replica of Games Unite Testing Place, which got shutdown in august. Sadly, so I’m here to bring it back! Leave any suggestions and ideas!

Scroll on mouse to cycle through weapons
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Can’t say I agree when Games Unite uses a custom gun engine as well as thoroughly-done Blender animations while this is a heavily edited version of an open source gun kit. Seems like you have a couple of bugs running around here as well.

Might want to look into those points if you’re looking to create a better experience than Games Unite and it perhaps might work better if this were to become a cohesive game rather than a demo of something that a lot of players are probably familiar with.

You tried though and that’s a good thing. Just have to take the next steps to really become something that’s better than Games Unite.


Thank you for the advice! I’ll be trying to fix the bugs, is there anything more I could do?