Carbon | Professional LUA Programmer & Graphic Design


Hello, I am Kryptoscythe a professional scripter, UI designer, game developer and a novice GFX artist. I’ve been scripting for about 2 years and I am well-experienced with User Interfaces and scripting.

Why me?
I have had experience with many groups and individuals and never was there a bad report about me. As a scripter, I love learning new things and new tasks help me to explore other parts of scripting. I do scripting for fun while keeping the deadline in mind at the same time.

What can I do?
I have good knowledge about server side programming and client side programming. I understand CFrames and vectors but I am limited to only a few CFrame properties. Why read when you can see what I have done! Check out my work below!


“scripting a UI.”

Tool scripting, levitating health pick ups which give you extra health.

This is a stock simulator thingy I made long back.

“call the cops” sign:

Lightsaber scripting, a work button which gives you points every 5 seconds and stops when you press e and stop it.

Gradually changing weather system

Quick Plugin I made

Missile Strik System

Task Completion

Timed Chest

Chest System

"Mask Of Darkness"

Roblox Studio Sort Of Building

S400 Missile System (WIP)

Tank System

Target Locking Missiles

A computer I scripted with a built in timer

Re-make of an overhead GUI of a military group.
Got it somewhat right.

When the lightsaber touches the Jedi side of the map, that part breaks and creates debris.

The lightsaber opens when I press ‘t’

Check it out here!

A game: Star wars: The Tower Wars - Roblox

A truck system – Credits to Project TTR for the trucks and the trailer. Scripting the trailer to attach to the truck was made by me.

A gate system

Automatic Sliding Door

Task System
Project example (For Project TTR’s tasks rough layout):

Book a Ticket
Scripted a book a ticket system(Don’t mind the typo in the UI):

Display Rules when in the host team and chats
A rules animated display (for Swingset Gameshows):

Map voting system and teleportation

Not done yet! Check out my User Interface portfolio too!

A few notable groups I’ve worked with
Mayside Resorts.
Project TTR (2 months+)
Indian Armed Forces – Originally made by my friend and passed on ownership.
Fiori Cafe
Swingset Gameshows (1.2k+)
|IA| -Indian Army- (Another one)
Moss Bakery
United States Secret Service (330K+)
OS Gaming Studios (1M+)
Winter Adventures (6K+)


I am available on all days. I spend about 2 - 3 hours each day and maybe more on a Sunday or a Saturday.


1. I have the right to decline your order.
2. You must be willing to pay 40% of the total payment upfront before I start your project.
3. You may re-sell what I have given to you but I need to be notified that re-selling will take place before I start your project. Consequences of not doing so may vary.
4. You must pay the remaining amount after the order has been completed and before I hand it to you.
5. Any attempt of scamming will be reported.
6. I must be given credits for my work if crediting the developers of your game/product or whatever it may be.
7. By contacting me, you are agreeing to all of the above.


I am excepting payment through game passes/clothing. Must cover tax.
Payment will range from: 1,000 - 10,000 depending complexity.
If easy to make, I might as well do it for a price below 1,000.
All payments are negotiable and will be discussed once I get to know more about your project.


You can contact me here through the devForum or via Discord @ Carbon#3145

Done reading? Better contact me before slots are full! Thank you for reading :smiley:


Added one more example in the showcase section.

New video:

Added another example! 8/9/2021

Have you ever worked on simulators?

Not as a commission but as a personal project, yes. I can script a simulator game.

Ive added you on discord Collin#4429

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Excellent portfolio. I’ve sent a friend request to you on discord. Prav#3204
Have an exciting project i’d love for you to be apart of.

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Recent commission for @1C0llin
Automatic sliding door.

Another project example (For Project TTR’s tasks rough layout):

Another scripted book a ticket system(Don’t mind the typo in the UI):

A rules animated display (for Swingset Gameshows):

Round based game

Map voting system and teleportation

**Random team changer, picks a random person as the monster (like shark bite) (Commission) **

I recmond krypto, I commission kryp before and got exacly whay i ask for! But it’s really sad that he doesn’t work for percentage.

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Just reached out on discord, look forward to speaking with you

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