Card Flipping GUI Animation

I am working on an animation for a card flip and I’ve hit a wall in terms of a card flip. I’m not trying to make an actual 3D flip, but just make it look like one. I’m having trouble getting an image to display like it would in a flipped card. Any insight as to how I might approach creating this anim? Thank you

have you tried using viewport frames?

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I haven’t really dabbled with any Viewport Frames. Would it just act like a mini Camera, and would I use a part and surface GUI and just display it through that with a physical animation? Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried doing this, but Surface GUIs don’t show up in viewports. What could I do?

Viewports are basically mini workspaces, with a few exceptions like no physics built in. They are similar to a frame, and you cant put other GUI like a surface gui into a viewport. What you could do is make a viewport and have a card object, then rotate it to get a similar effect

I just threw this together, with some effort and time you could probably make this look really good, I recommend using TweenService in order to smoothly rotate cards and such.

Ah I see. I’m pretty experienced with Tweens and all of that, I was just completely unsure how to animate such a thing. Thanks for the advice, I’ll try this out with decals!