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Welcome to Caribu! :coconut:

:link: Caribu - Roblox

:palm_tree: Established in 2023, Caribu is a Caribbean restaurant that provides some of the best caribbean dishes around the ROBLOX industry. Indulge in the rich flavors and vibrant culinary culture of the Caribbean right here in our tropical haven. Our restaurant group is a delightful blend of sun-kissed beaches, rhythmic beats, and mouthwatering dishes that will transport you straight to the heart of the islands.

Frequently Asked Questions


Code of Conduct


Rank Description

Middle Ranks

Management Assistant | Limit: 40

Management Assistant is the first middle rank. This rank can be achievable through working hard at the restaurant or MR applications. As a Management Assistant, you’re able to assist at training sessions and moderator/supervise the restaurant.

Supervisor | Limit: 35

Supervisors are individuals who understood their duties as an MR and preformed them magnifically. They still have the same responsibilities as a Management Assistant, but they’re now able to host training sessions.

Assistant Manager | Limit: 20

Assistant Managers are experienced individuals in the Middle Rank team. They’re able to preform their tasks excellently without any problems. They have the same duties as Supervisors, but they’re able to assists with ranking & demotions and managing the group wall.

Operations Manager | Limit: 15

Operations Manager is the last Middle Rank obtained by individuals who have played their role incredibly. They have the same duties as a Assistant Manager, but they’re now able to host shifts at the restaurant. Additionally, they’re able to recommend Master Chefs to Management Assistant based off their performance.

High Ranks

Executive Intern | Limit: 10

Executive Interns are individuals who mastered their role as an MR, and who is now able to manage the community. As a Board of Executives, you are an intern in your assigned department. Our departments are Public Relations and Staffing. Public Relations manages our alliances and events. They make sure our community is active and having a fun time. Our Staffing department manages our MR team, recommendations, and MR applications.

Executive Assistant | Limit: 6

Executive Assistants are individuals who preformed their tasks perfectly in their department and who’s now an official member of their department. They now have full access to their department and have new duties to complete.

Executive Officer | Limit: 4

Executive Officers are individuals who preformed their tasks terrifically and now one step closer to becoming a part of the Leadership Team. They’re now a co lead of their department and assists the lead.

Leadership Team

Vice President | Limit: 2

These individuals has shown dedication in their department as a co lead and is now able to lead the department. They are officially a part of the Leadership team and they’re responsible providing guidance and leading the department to the write direction. Furthermore, they must manage the department and make sure everything is running smoothly.

President | Limit: 2

These individuals has been working in their department for a considerable duration and gain all the knowledge from working as a department intern, member, co lead, and lead. They’re now overseeing their department and making sure the departments are running efficiently. Furthermore, they discuss topics with the rest of the Leadership Team to make Caribu a better experience and community!

Co Owner & Owner | Limit: 1

Both ranks are oversees our game development and community. They work with the Presidents.

Alliance Application

On behalf of Caribu’s Public Relations Team, we’d like to thank you for your interest in allying with Caribu! Before submitting an application, you must meet our requirements listed below. Furthermore, exceptions can be made if you don’t meet our requirements; make sure to ask a member of our Public Relations team before making your application. You MUST submit your alliance application to a Managing Director+ in the Public Relations Department.


  • Your Roblox group must obtain 200 members.
  • Your Discord server must obtain 100 members.
  • Your group must have good history with Caribu and our allies.
  • Your community must be consistently active.
  • Your group must not sell ranks or administrative commands.
  • Your group must be a café, restaurant, clothing group, or anything related in the industry.
  • Your staff members must be professional and abide Roblox’s and Discord’s ToS.

Application Questions

  1. What is your establishment’s name?
  2. Please list the links associated with your group.
  3. What makes your group different from others?
  4. How will this partnership benefit Caribu as a whole?
  5. Describe the activity in your establishment.
  6. Do you agree that Caribu has the right to hand out punishments to your group, if you are caught doing mallicious activity?
Appeal Information


Master Chef Promotion Guide

As a Master Chef, you’re eligible for a promotion to Management Assistant and join our MR Team. As a Management Assistant, you’ll be required to complete weekly tasks within our facilities. You’re able to get promoted to Management Assistant through MR applications or working at the restaurant.

To be eligible for a promotion you must meet these requirements:

  • Actively working at the restaurant for a minimum of 1 week.
  • Account must NOT have safe chat.
  • Must be in our communications server.
  • Excellent work performance.
  • Must show hard work and dedication towards the group.
  • Good use of grammar.

Tips to boost your chance:

  • Work for at least 30 minutes at the restaurant.
  • Help your fellow co-workers.
  • Do not hint.
  • Be professional and try not to goof around.

If you meet our requirements and follow these tips, you would be eligible for a promotion to Management Assistant.

Thank you for taking the time to read our handbook! If you have any questions, please direct them to one of our Board of Executives or above.

:date: Updated as of August 25th, 2023.

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