Carpet texture feedback

Hi, I’ve recently attempted to make two variants of a carpet texture as I felt the default fabric texture doesn’t fit in as carpet, would greatly appreciate any critique or feedback from anyone that’s an artist :happy2:

The method I used to create the carpet was blending various similar shaded colour lines and applying some noise over the top of the image to create the imperfections of carpet.
Variant 1

Variant 2


It looks actually really cool.
Here’s some feedback:

  • It looks as if it is dirty, maybe use darker/brighter colors?
  • Maybe a rug over here and over there would give it a bit more of variety.
  • You could even “break” it so it looks old!

Good job overall


Number two is best.
Also, try making the carpet have some hair, doesn’t look VERY real rn, buh good enuf

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