Carpi'd | Public Handbook

Welcome to the Carpi’d Public Handbook!

Carpi’d is a distinguished modern cafe on Roblox, striving to re-design the Roblox food industry. We serve a wide variety of pastries and beverages prepared by our elaborately trained and well-driven employees. Owned by c6nor, Carpi’d has set the initiative of revolutionizing cafe’s throughout the platform, providing immersive and interactive features to enhance your experience! From our perfectly crafted food and beverage options, to our relentlessly trained employees, you’re guaranteed satisfactory service!

"Genuine drinks, genuine service.”

This handbook contains key & crucial information regarding our company that has been curated by the President to educate our community. Majority of our corporate topics are covered within these documents, should you have any questions please forward them to somebody apart of our corporate team.

Public Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is utilized to inform our community of our main rules. These are expected to be followed by everyone regardless of their status or rank. Failing to abide by these rules will result in consequences.

Trolling or Raiding

All players are expected to be abiding and not to abuse the privilege of attending our places. Trolling, incorrectly ordering, abusing capitals and bypassing chat filters will result in a kick, continuing to do so will result in a ban. Raiding or participating in a raid at any of our places will result in a company wide unappealable ban. This includes mass trolling.


Sending multiple messages with minor to no intervals is considered spamming, when noticed by our staff, you will be kindly asked to stop. If you continue it will result in a kick from the server.


Whilst at our places, you are required to be respectful to not only our staff but others that would be around you. Disrespecting our team or other members of our community whilst trolling will result in harsher consequences.


We appreciate you trying to grow your client base but Carpi’d is not the place for that. Advertising any person groups is not accepted what-so-ever and will not be tolerated by our team. You will be banned if you fail to follow this rule.


Exploiting is not tolerated in any of Carpi’d games. If you are caught doing so, you will be permanently banned which is unappealable.

Rank Information & Limits

Our rank directory is utilized for the community’s general knowledge of how to obtain ranks at Carpi’d.

Management Ranks

Staff Assistant - [30] - This is an entry level management rank. Staff Assistant’s are people who have proven themselves as a Barista. To obtain this rank, you must apply or be accepted through the recommendation process. Staff Assistant’s general duties are to oversee the cafe and assist at training sessions.

Supervisor - [20] - The second highest management rank. Duties are similar to Staff Interns, although Supervisor’s are allowed to host shifts and recommend baristas.

Assistant Manager - [15] - The third highest management rank. Duties include supervising and hosting shifts. Assistant Managers are also allowed to co-host training sessions and recommend baristas.

Manager - [12] - The highest management rank, duties include hosting training sessions and shifts. Moderating the communications server is also a duty of our managers.

Corporate Ranks

Board of Executives - [12] - This is an entry level corporate rank. Executives are tasked with completing their assigned department’s work. Executives work within the “Public Relations”, “Recruitment” or the “Human Resources” department. 4 BoEs are assigned per department.

Recruitment Director - [2] - This corporate role is tasked with working strictly in the Recruitment department. People within this role work alongside their department’s lead to enforce activity from other staff.

Public Relations Director - [2] - This corporate role is tasked with working strictly in the Communications department. People within this role work alongside their department’s lead to enforce activity from other staff.

Human Resources Director - [3] - This corporate role is tasked with working strictly in the Staffing department. People within this role work alongside their department’s lead to enforce activity from other staff.

Leadership Ranks

Presidential Assistant - [2] - An entry level leadership role, this role is tasked with leading their assigned department. This role is focused solely on assigning and evaluating department member’s assignments.

Vice President - [1-2] - The Vice President is tasked with assisting the President with the company’s workload. This person also the overseer of the departments.

President - [1] - The owner of the corporation. Makes crucial development and executive decisions. Attends to leadership and corporate relations.

Affiliate Information

Our partnership program is in place for any company wishing to become affiliates with Carpi’d.

The requirements are as follows:

  • Your group must have 250, un-botted, group members.
  • Your group must be willing to announce any of our events.
  • Your group must be a business industry. (Spas are an exception)
  • Your group must have an organised staff team and communications server.
  • Your group must have good standing with our current affiliates.
  • Your group must not be associated with selling administrative ranks. We believe hardwork is the way!

Application Questions:

  1. Give the name and a brief description of your company.
  2. Why was Carpi’d an appealing company to partner with?
  3. How do you believe Carpi’d could benefit from this partnership?
  4. How many members do your group & communications server currently hold?
  5. Who should we contact regarding the status of this application?
  6. Please attach links to your communications server & group.

Furthernore, If you wish to submit an application, please forward it to a corporate member within the Communications Department.

Recipe Guide

This portion of the handbook will be temporarily unavailable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an MR?

To become an MR, you must apply when applications are open or be recommended by an Supervisor and above whilst you hold a Lead Barista position.

How do I become a Trainee?

To become a Trainee, you must apply at the Quiz Center located under “group games” on our group’s page and receive a score of 90% or higher.

When are training sessions hosted?

Our training sessions are hosted at 4AM, 9AM, 3PM and 8PM EST by an Assistant Manager or above. The servers lock at exactly XX:00, if you were unable to make it, you must attend another session. SESSIONS ARE CANCELLED UNTIL LAUNCH

I have a report on one of your executives, who do I contact?

If you have a report on one of our corporate team members, contact someone apart of the Leadership Team. Please ensure that your message is straight to the point and you have strict evidence to back your claim.

I passed the application at the Quiz Center but was not ranked, what do I do?

Before contacting a staff member, retake the test and ensure you received a score of 90%, if you have done so, the rank bot must be down for maintenance. Take a screenshot of your score and forward it to a Manager or above, they will be able to assist you.

How do I join the communications server?

The link to our server can be located under the “Social Links” tab on our group page.

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