"Carried" Ragdoll Keeps pushing the Character

I’m developing a system which allows Characters with that are not “Downed” carry characters that are “Downed”

When the player that is downed gets carried, they become a ragdoll and their torso is welded to the right arm of the player who is carrying them, which I’ll call Carrier.

However, the ragdoll keeps slightly rotating the Carrier, which is something I don’t wish to happen.

I’ve tried creating a collision group, but It did not work. anyways, here’s the code:

script.Parent.GrabREvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, C)
-- C is the character being carried
-- PService is Physics Service
	PService:SetPartCollisionGroup(script.Parent.Parent.Head, "CarrierCollision")
	PService:SetPartCollisionGroup(script.Parent.Parent.Torso, "CarrierCollision")
	PService:SetPartCollisionGroup(script.Parent.Parent.HumanoidRootPart, "CarrierCollision")
	PService:SetPartCollisionGroup(script.Parent.Parent["Right Arm"], "CarrierCollision")
	PService:SetPartCollisionGroup(script.Parent.Parent.Head, "CarriedCollision")
	PService:SetPartCollisionGroup(C.HumanoidRootPart, "CarriedCollision")
	PService:SetPartCollisionGroup(C["Right Arm"], "CarriedCollision")
	PService:SetPartCollisionGroup(C["Left Arm"], "CarriedCollision")
	PService:SetPartCollisionGroup(C["Right Leg"], "CarriedCollision")
	PService:SetPartCollisionGroup(C["Left Leg"], "CarriedCollision")
	WeldGrab = Instance.new("Weld")
	WeldGrab.Parent = player.Character["Right Arm"]
	WeldGrab.Part0 = player.Character["Right Arm"]
	WeldGrab.Part1 = C.Torso
	WeldGrab.C1 = CFrame.new(0, -0.5, 1) * CFrame.Angles(90, 0, 0)	

I know the collision group code is not reliable, but I haven’t found how to make the script check for a body part and add them to the collision group.

I also tried making the head and limbs from the CarriedCharacter massless, didn’t work

If anyone can find a solution, I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

I have an update.
If I go to the CarriedCharacter Head and I turn CanCollide off, it stops moving the Carrier, however, the head of the CarriedCharacter starts freaking out for some reason and starts messing with the movement of the carrier.

Did you remember to enable platformstand for the person being carried? Otherwise, their avatar repeatedly attempting to get up could definitely cause some weird behaviour like this.

I tried to enable it, but it didn’t do anything, the problem was still there.

I was able to turn on platform stand on the ragdolled character, however it is still rotating the carrier, but way less.

Did you ever try making the Ragdoll mass-less so that they have completely no weight?

Just did that now, didn’t help…

Did you try turning CanCollide off for the ragdoll?

The CanCollide of the limbs were off, only the head and torso are on.
If I try to turn on the head, the ragdoll just freaks out, and If I try to turn on the torso, nothing happens