Cars wheel goes on top of the car body


The issue I have is that when I sometimes crash my car, the wheels will find its way to the top of the car body.

Through testing I can tell that the reason the wheels do this is because it is connected to a platform via spring. So sometimes when I crash (or dropping the car from the sky), the wheels will clip through the platform, causing the spring system to be inverted.

What can I do to make sure the car wheels stay under the car body?

Here is a video of the wheels clipping through the platform
wheelIssueVideo.wmv (455.3 KB)

And here is a picture of the rear right wheel finding its way to the top of the car.


Have you tried to set LimitsEnabled in the SpringConstraint?


Someone had a similar issue:

I have played around with limits enabled for a bit now and the issue still happens.

Iā€™m imagining that setting the min length high enough would keep the springs from compressing enough to the point where they clip through the body. But if i keep increasing the minimum length, the suspension just becomes really high.

Adjusting the stiffness of the springs (currently at 1250) may be the solution, but that means I will have to again go through the process of playing with the friction and other variables so that the car will handle nicely.

Can there be another alternative?

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Unfortunately this does not work :(, thank you so much for the idea though :smiley:

After watching this suspension system video by Suphi Kaner, I found out that to stop the wheel from clipping up, I had to set the limits enabled property in the Cylindrical Constraints. I also used his spring values and the car runs insanely smooth!

Here is the amazing video by Suphi:


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