Cars with small wheels wobble horribly

I’m pretty sure it’s a well documented issue, but I couldn’t find a solution.

Cars with small wheels wobble horribly, even when they aren’t moving

I’m using HingeConstraints to hold the wheels on in the exact same way I do for bigger cars, which do work.

Here’s the constraint layout:

Is there any way to make a vehicle with small wheels not wobble like crazy?

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What are you using as wheels, Unions?
Those aren’t round. If you are try Cylinders or Balls.

Also try changing the Torque in your HingeConstraints. Too much and wheels jitter.
Are the wheels touching the skateboard? That could be a possiblility as well.

  1. They are cylinders, not unions.

  2. The HingeConstraints aren’t powering the car. In this case (and GIF), it’s not supposed to be moving forwards, it’s doing that on it’s own.

  3. Double checked, and the wheels are not touching the skateboard.

I’ve played around with it a bit more, and it really does just seem to be the wheel size. Bigger wheels make the problem go away, but it looks funny on a skateboard. I also don’t want to solidify it and just make it slide, because players can customize it to have different textures, revealing that the wheels aren’t actually turning.

make bigger wheels that are invisible and make fake ones that the user can see

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How Dense are your wheels?
I’ve had better luck with wheels that are ‘heavier’ than with light wheels.
Try making the Density=2.

Sorry for the bump but yeah, I it’s definitely an issue with cylindrical wheels similar to this other series of post concerning the bug report and one I had recently.

A simple solution to maintain the size while fixing the issue is to switch to spherical wheels.

Shaky cylindrical wheels:

Non-shaky sphere wheels:

I love this solution so much. Simple… yet effective