Jiggly Constraint Chassis

Hello! As someone bad with the physics side of Studio, I built my cars based on a chassis provided by ItsJustFahed.

To note the following:
The visible wheels are fakes which cannot interact with the world. The actual wheels are the same ones which came with the Chassis, simple cylinders.

My current problem is that, even when driving on a flat baseplate, the car still jiggles around like jelly.


As I don’t really understand physics, I thought asking for help would be a good idea.
I probably have to change the spring suspensions to make them fit a Massless Vehicle better, but I don’t really know what to change, and my trial and error proved useless.

Any suggestions?

It might be because of the cylindrical wheels the chassis uses because of the known more complex collision detection issue with cylinders. Otherwise, have a look at the thread below to see the possible solutions to take such as:

  • Make your wheels larger
  • Create a springy suspension for your vehicle with shock absorbers
  • Reduce elasticity on the tires to 0
  • Increase the friction on tires to between 1.5 to 2

Also, you might want to make the vehicle with more mass by adjusting the physical properties. I’m seeing vibrations so perhaps this should help?