Cart Ride Maker: A cart ride maker plugin

Do you ever feel as if your putting too much effort into Cart Ride games which you made with a free model? Do you think the process of making a Cart-Ride should be entirely automated?

Well that’s where I introduce Cart Ride Maker!
With cart-ride maker, you can easily create cart rides where every you want in whatever shape you want.


  • Just press the Set Starting Point option to get right started. Click to place the start.
  • Select “place” or click in your viewport when you wish to place a piece of track.
  • To delete a piece of track, press R (to cancel) and then delete the piece in studio as you normally do and then select the piece of track that you’d like to continue from and press Resume from Select.

Buy it (for free) on the Creator Marketplace:

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Thanks for sharing this is pretty cool. Will you be adding to what kind of tracks you can make, like maybe a Y spilt…

Also is there a way, to continue what you build… like if you start making a track, then stop the plugin, then want to add more back to the same track?

maybe can do another starter at where you left off, then delete it or something?

  1. I’m planning to add more track types soon!
  2. Yep, just select the most recent piece of track placed down and click “Continue from Selected”
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