Cartoon Ending UI Effect

Hello, so recently I came across a video on YouTube, the video displayed an effect that was commonly used in cartoons, I thought it might make a cool effect for a game!


I’m not sure how to approach this or if its even possible to re-create on Roblox. If you could help me out that would be great!

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Yes that’s possible. You need a PNG image with a transparent circle in the centre, after that step it’s simple tweening of gui sizes and positions.
But this method may have various glitches and may not be smooth


-easy to script
-takes less time
-causes less lag


-may not work smoothly
-may have the pixelated feel
-will not be perfect

The second method is using a viewport frame with a rounded corner, so the viewport frame has all the objects in it.


-works perfectly
-feels the same as what you sent on the gif
-does not have the pixelated feel


-takes longer to script
-causes more lag (maybe)
-cannot show terrain.


I’d recommend using, TweenSize for this, from the big size to tiny one.

Tweens are perfectly smooth.

The problem here is the circle closes completely.

So a simple tweensize isn’t enough.

So you have to make a frame which includes a transparent circle which is surrounded by four black boxes (which gives a border feeling) so when you tween the frame it’ll be smooth and will not expose the workspace when the size goes down.