Cartoony or realistic?

I’m collecting ideas and suggestion about a game inspired by Stardew valley.
In you opinion which style will make you enjoy the game (farming game) more cartoonish low-poly or realistic?


honestly despite what people say cartoony is actually harder to make, second it looks like trash unless done PERFECT, now if you want to go ahead, but id go for realistic, unless you’re making a Mario™️ game


Cartoony and Low-poly styles are easier to make, realistic may take some effort.

But realistic would be a great stand-out from the current amount of low-poly games on the platform.


Realistic would seem to fit in the context of a farming game, so I would personally go for that style.


Is this going to be a simulator? Like where you earn money then buy better stuff then restart all of your progress.

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More like rpg, something close to islands

I would go with a realistic cartoony hybrid. You can have a bright & vibrant color and such, just not using smooth plastic. Instead, you could use materials and textures to make the game feel more high quality. You could also use future lighting, which can be very nice to use as it doesn’t clip through walls and create unnecessary shadows. Sort of like in this image here: ( this is a bad example )

You can see the details in the grass and the lighting is realistic. If you ever put rocks in the game like in the photo, you should probably texture them more than they did in the photo also. If you don’t feel like this would fit your game, I would say alternatively go full cartoony.


I like your question because I can tell you that your choice of art in of its own will draw the audience in. Get as creative as you can. Good luck!

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For a farming game I would go with a low poly cartoony look as that would draw more kids to it. Remember for games like that keep your target audience in mind and work from that. Kids like cartoony low poly experiences. More realistic might lead to less players especially if it’s not good for performance as most kids have low end devices. Low poly and optimized cartoon game seems best for this kind of experience.


Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I really appreciate it. :purple_heart:

i think make the game cartoony because the more real the games get the worse it gets

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