Cartoony Police Car Model ( UPDATED )

Just a Cartoony Police Car i made! ( Please don’t clog the replies )
I’m still working on it!

Its Just a model so you can’t get it.
This is my second topic!
( Please don’t judge the police car I’m still working on it )
Hope you enjoy it!


Very basic, but the car looks too thin in my opinion. Widening it would help.


Hello AndrewNursh,
I think this is a good start with the Cartoony Style building, I don’t think it’s bad at all.
but today I won’t be judging your police car but I will give you feedback/Improvement Points
where you can use to improve your Cartoony Style building in many ways.

Here are some points that might help you improve that car in particular as they are optional:

  • Make the Car true to size or widen it as mentioned above
  • Connect the triangle and rectangle glass so it’s actually a 1 shape window and aligned
  • Don’t use neon, neon break the theme of low poly / cartoony in my opinion but you are free
    to use what you think is suitable for you.
  • I would use a dummy model to calculate the size of the car and how it would fit inside.

That’s about it, your car is actually great you just need that tweak phase where you mess with stuff
and change a little bit of stuff and it would turn out better than you would’ve imagined.

Keep up the great work! :+1:

I would say smaller lights on the top, widen the car, make the front lights round and not sticking out. I’m pretty sure you used roblox for this, I suggest experiencing and experimenting blender.

Thanks! I Will upgrade the police car today :slight_smile:

I’ll try! Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: