Case Clicker | Update Log

Update Log


  • 2 NEW Limited-edition items in the Item Shop!
  • Backpack rework! Your backpack now only loads items as you scroll to them. This should help prevent crashes
  • Redesigned the Welcome Back screen
  • Player Profiles - Added VIP tag, Roblox Premium indicator, viewing CASE-BUX, and Exclusive items now have a 'Limited' tag
  • Above-head UI moved upward slightly
  • Fixed chat tags for some ranks
  • Lowered the price of the Custom Sign to 99R$ (was 149R$)
  • Lowered the price to Sponsor Clothing for 1 Week to 49R$ (was 99R$)

Update Archive

  • LIMITED EDITION Summer Commando in the Item Shop!
  • BUFFED Tier 13 Case!
  • Lowered the price of the Unobtainable Items Game Pass from 999R$ to 699R$
  • Player Profiles! Hover over a player to view their profile or click their name in the player list!
  • New players now start with 50K! (was 10K)
  • The value above your head now displays your items' value and doesn't factor in your CASE-BUX amount anymore!
  • New Global CASE-BUX leaderboard!
  • Refreshed value/name tags
  • BUFFED Auto Clicker game pass! The amount it gives is now multiplied by whatever your current multiplier is (if you're manually clicking too)
  • CASE-BUX clicking multipliers now take 5s to reset after you stop clicking (was 2s)
  • Fixed a bug with Offline Earnings not working if you were gone longer than 8 hours
  • Marketplace/Trading bug fixes
  • 07/16/2021
  • The Plaza GRAND OPENING! Shop for clothing inside of Case Clicker (or advertise your clothing if you're a designer)!
  • Adjusted the algorithm for how the prices of Exclusives increase over time
  • The `Godly` tier has been removed. All Godly items are now Exclusive
  • Display Name bug fixes
  • Slightly nerfed Tier 13 Case
  • Increased Supply Drop Meter requirement to 125K cases (was 100K)
  • Refreshed some UIs!
  • There is now a 30% fee for quick selling items
  • 07/02/2021
    • 4th of July Event! This week only!
    • 10% OFF Skip Case Animation!
    • Get Uncle Sam's Fireworks Top Hat in Tier 13 Case & Tier 1/2 Premium Case!
    • NEW Red Shutter Shades in the Item Shop!
    • The base price of Exclusive items now rise over time!
    • Map Refresh! Tons of new activities and map changes!
    • Increased playercount from 35 to 38
    • Supply Drop Meter! Supply drops are no longer time-based, but case-based! One will now fall from the sky every time your server opens 100,000 cases! (number is subject to change)
    • The Plaza - Coming soon..
    • Removed Summer Valk from Item Shop & added Leafy Antlers!
    • Slightly nerfed Tier 13 Case
    • NEW Limited-Edition Summer Valk in the Item Shop!
    • NEW Tier 13 Case
    • BUFFED Tier 12 Case
    • REVAMPED Cases Menu
    • IMPROVED Crash Menu
    • 3 NEW Limited-time items added to the Item Shop!
    • NEW Exclusive Supply Drop ONLY item - Cartoony Rainbow Wings
    • NEW Easter themed Exclusive item in the Item Shop! (Easter Top Hat)
    • NEW Ultimate item! (Lord of the Holographic)
    • NEW Easter themed Exclusive item in the Item Shop!
    • NEW Tier 12 Case!
    • Removed Tier 11 Case's Exclusive Chances & added them to the new Tier 12 Case!
    • NEW Easter themed Exclusive item in the Item Shop!
    • NEW Black Bunny Ears item, found only in Supply Drops during April!
    • NEW Easter Boppers Exclusive, found only in Tier 11 Case & Tier 1/2 Premium Cases!
    • Re-named all cases... New case coming next week!
    • Lowered prices of Premium Cases
    • Fixed a bug where you couldn't purchase items that didn't have a Market Value
    • Base Price is now shown in Marketplace
    • Re-designed Marketplace item cards
    • Last chance to get the Dominus Fortuna! We’ve doubled the chances to get it until it leaves Supply Drops on April 1st!
    • NEW limited-edition Neon Green Shutter Shades item in the Item Shop!
    • NEW Marketplace UI - View every seller in your server as well as the total copies, average market value, and more!
    • Lowered item prices in the Featured sort & added Godlies to it. Godlies will no longer show up in the Newly Added sort
    • You can now search by rarity using the searchbar in the Marketplace
    • Nerfed CB per click Rebirth multi by 10%

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