Case Spin "Item Won" isn't the actual item won

Okay, so I’m trying to make a case spin but when it spins, the item won isn’t the actual item won. Like it’s 1 or 2 items off from the winning center line. I tried changing some of the numbers and the offset but none would fix it. Here’s the code:

Give this a good read, now further down in the actual post Forever details the actual “spin” look of it using tweenservice.

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I can’t really determine what your code is doing at the moment, but it’s worth asking you; how exactly are you calculating the item to distribute? Because of the way the code is set up, I’m getting a different impression of how this is working.

If you aren’t doing this already, the server should be calculating the item a player won immediately after a case is opened, while the case spinning Gui is only used to animate the Gui and make it spin around until it lands on said item.

If you are already doing this and you’re trying to calculate how far the animation should go before landing on an item, it’d probably be best to generate a set amount of items vertically and have the Gui spin up until it hits that item after n seconds.

That being said; I only know the basic concept of this. I don’t actually know how to put it to practice.