Cash Prices suggestions

These are the prices for Westshore to buy currency in our game and I was wondering if you guys think it is fair.

There are many ways you can earn cash by working or doing illegal thing’s in the game getting cash is quite hard to get for a normal player.


The $250k ROBUX price is too low. A user can purchase it 4 times and save a little over a thousand robux than buying the 1M option just once.

Here’s what I did for my game: I made a Google Spreadsheet (picture below) and just tweaked numbers accordingly to what I wanted. The right column should increase as the ROBUX/money options increase in value as it represents the amount of money per 1 ROBUX.

Preferably, you want to make your options better valued as its more expensive. For example, in the picture below, the lowest option only gives $302 per 1 robux, and the highest option gives $589 per robux.


You also want to have a “middle ground” since players want decent money but don’t want to spend too much and too little and not get a lot. Some games consider this middle ground the “best option” since it’s the best of both worlds.

Hope this helps!


Thanks, for the information but how would I calculate all of this in a spreadsheet?


You can easily use a calculator to do this!

(Money ÷ Robux)

(2,150,000 ÷ 3650)

(1,000,000 ÷ 1950)

(500,000 ÷ 1350)

(200,000 ÷ 575)

You can also use math ingame to get a the same result!

local MoneyPurchases = {
    [00000001] = {["Cost"] = 25; ["Money"] = 500};
    [00000002] = {["Cost"] = 40; ["Money"] = 1000};

for _, v in pairs(MoneyPurchases) do
    local MoneyPerRobux = math.floor((v.Money / v.Cost) * 100) / 100
    -- Write the variable onto text here
    -- This returns a number like 86.45 instead of 86.4592831309983
    -- Each 0 in the 100 depicts how many decimals are shown
    -- For 5 decimals you'd write 100000.

Just general spreadsheet tricks. Put in A3: =A2/A1 and it should output the results. You can then drag the bottom right square down to auto fill the rows below for any other information you put under the A row.


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