Cashier Section Teacher Guide For Chicken N' Dough

Cashier Section Teacher Guide For Chicken N’ Dough

Adorations! I am (Your name here), and I will be your teacher for this section!

Please note that all information will be important!

Please do not speak during this time! It may distract others!

We will go over info such as, how to use the ordering system, your job, the warning system, how to greet customers, and the uniform.

We will also have a hard test so make sure you listen and possibly write down what I say.

Before we go any further let me tell you the most important information, ​your job!

As an Apprentice Crew Member, you are going to serve the guests the food & drinks they desire.

Now let’s start with the ordering system.

Since you just started you will mostly be submitting orders, you will also be listening to higher-ups.

If the kitchen already has a chef that’s above your current rank, let them cook the food and you can do the ordering.

To make a new order go up to the register and press F or tap the interaction.

A welcome page will pop up.

Under “customers name” type the player’s username NOT DISPLAY NAME.

After you will be able to see their thumbnail and then you can press “continue” if its the correct player.

Now you will be able to see a menu.

The limit for items is 3. Going over 3 will mess up the system.

The menu is fairly easy to use, for example, if a customer would like a cheese pizza you would click “Pizza” then “Pepperoni” then press the yellow/orange plus button.

The red X button is to completely close the menu.

The green checkmark button is to submit the order.

All chicken products are under the “Chicken Entrees” tab.

French Fries and Salads are under the “Sides” tab.

You can probably guess the rest.

After you are done press the checkmark button.

Admins will be able to see what you’ve submitted.

The chefs in the kitchen will then be able to claim the order.

If you claim the order you will get a pop-up of the customer’s order, once you press “Order has been Completed” an arrow will show where the customer is. Walk to them and hand them the order.

I will now tell you how we greet customers here at Chicken N’ Dough.

You are to greet the customers with a nice warm welcome.

A good greet for example could be “Hello! Welcome to Chicken N’ Dough, what can I get for you?”

There are no limits to greeting customers however we do not greet the customer with a “sup what do you want?”

Make sure to use grammar when greeting.

Now, we’ll talk about uniforms!

The uniforms will be automatically be equipped. Once you are HR+ you won’t need a uniform anymore.

Keep this in mind, the place gets dirty.

You will be able to mop spills, to do so pick up a mop behind the cashiers in the corner.

To mop simply take out the mop and click on the puddle. You get 1 point for each puddle you mop.

It takes 15 seconds to mop a spill without the Golden Mop gamepass.

With the Golden Mop gamepass, you will be able to mop as fast as 8 seconds and you get 2 points!

And finally, I’ll tell you about the warning system!

Trollers get 3 warnings. To give warnings, type: “Warning (Number) | (Your Reason)”

Example: “Warning l | Spamming” “Warning ll | Caps Abuse” “Warning lll | Rude To Staff”

Do NOT give warnings for things such as eating or jumping.

On a player’s 3rd warning, get an MR+ kick them.

Exploiters get 0 warnings, call an HR/SHR as soon as you can.

If you are caught giving warnings for no reason there will be consequences.

To call a MR+ ask in the dizzy server or ask VIA the group chat wall. Example: “I need help in my server for troller/hacker [USERNAME]”

Don’t forget to snap a pic for proof!

End of information

Ask them if they have any questions

Trainees, do you have any questions?

If no one has questions start the final test

Cashier Section End

Helpers will be able to test the trainees. Tell the helpers to find a person, make sure they aren’t fighting over someone. If there are more helpers than trainees then randomly choose a helper for the trainees.

Make sure the helpers have the guide.

After the trainees are failed or passed by the helpers, you can kick the ones who do not comply and leave. After the trainees who failed are kicked you can, transfer the class to the Chef Section Teacher.