Castle Bridge Design

This post is about the design, not the colour or things to add. Please tell me whether or not the layout of this build is pretty decent or pretty bad, and give me some feedback. Thank you.


The layout is indeed very decent. It is difficult to bring any more feedback more than that if you don’t want me to add things, It follows the basic layout of a castle bridge and it is suitable for most environments where you need to pass through the water - such as a river. It is aesthetic, it is simple, it is effective, it works.

I like the overall look to it! Looks well made! I think it’s good as it is!

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Alright, thank you. That is really all I wanted, a layout that is good.

And @antojensob thanks!


It has alot of potential and so far looks great, cant wait to see how it turns out

Yeah I accidentally turned my computer of, hoping it autosaved :grimacing:

What do you think?

Ill work at the top at a later date

Terrain added

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