Castle Feedback

Been testing around with different castles lately and I would like to know what you think of this.

I know its rather plain but I have only spent around 30 minutes building it so far.


It looks good. More colors would be better.

Yeah im going to add more colours later, just getting the layout done and then ill start with all that stuff

This looks quite nice. Since it’s still in progress the structure looks decent.

It could be taller so it doesn’t look small normally there more higher so they can watch for attackers that are approaching (which is not a big problem) but the corner towers I feel like you should add some smaller windows so attackers won’t hurt the people that are watching out something that, matches with the building, consider making the stone bricks look a bit more larger that is just my personal opinion.

From the looks of it the windows look quite open consider adding small slots below the tower (or higher so people can watch and patrol at night or in the day time the tower seems a little too low try making it a bit higher) in real life - archers have small slots would be made for in case of anything happens. Those corner towers, they usually have windows were archers will have to look through.

Something seen in the image below they have a more higher appearance this is something to take while creating other towers connected to the castle.

Looks awesome. The detailing looks really nice.

Thank you for your opinions as always!

Thank you!

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Looks amazing, I really like the low poly design. :+1:

Looks good and well detailed.

Very good castle you have there.

I would recommend that you add some scenery details if you can to really bring the castle to life.

Other than that, well made castle. :slight_smile:

This looks really smooth and clean, nice job with it. I don’t really think there’s much to change about this castle.

I think the castle you made are really cool and smooth and I suggest your put a castle banner and also a flag at the top of the tower. I think that all I wanna ask a great job on the castle.