Castle Tycoon v2's Soundtrack (feedback thread)

Hey there!

I’m @Mithrandir6440, and I’ve recently published my first game under my new development studio. Here is the game, the group, and the discord server.

Anyhow, I composed and produced the game’s original soundtrack, and would like some constructive feedback on it now that I’m revamping the game. Here is the soundcloud link if you don’t want to play the game.

Looking forward to see what you guys think :slight_smile:.


Very well done!
Gives off a simulation and medieval feeling mixed up.


Great music! I am not a music guy by any means, so I can’t really help you, but before it gets taken down, I do not think you are allow to post discord links on the dev forum.(correct me if I’m wrong)

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I love it!! This is really well made and it fits perfect for a Castle Tycoon. But the end was really abrupt. Was this intentional?


I do not know how to quote on non commentable threads sorry. but in bulletin specific rule 1 of the devforum rules states “Discord links are not allowed in the Bulletin Board, but they are allowed in other sections.”

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Ooooooh ok, alright thanks for the correction!

It is. That’s a good point. Maybe I should fade it out :thinking:.

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