Castles Compilation

All castles designed and built by:

- murjarquitecto

New Castles coming soon


Holy cow. It’s amazing, I’m so mind blown :exploding_head:

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Do you like making castles? :thinking:

mind = blown
gosh man…
also you say you are 14, and you have spent 7 years building. you started building at 7? nice.


Okay now, this is NEXT LEVEL. This is crazy and absolutely stunning.

I think the images speak for themselves

This is stunning, keep it up. :star_struck:

This is stunning! I absolutely love it. :two_hearts:

This is absolutely incredible! Keep up the good work!

You really should contact roblox, at that age and this skill you could be working on roblox right now. and also this should be what roblox headquarters look like in the medival ages. :open_mouth:

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Updated topic, new castle added to the compilation
(Last image)

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