Casual Chaos - Update Log

Update Log:

Update 17.7:

Update 17.7:

  • Added Epilogue to Chaos Pass Free Track

  • Removed Ultimates

  • Slight Optimization in Main Game

  • Added 1000 Chaos Pass Key Purchase Option

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.


Update 17.6:
  • New Pets:
    • Keeper Of The Archives (Godly)
    • The Creator, Ascended (Beyond)

  • New Music Track: Song for my lost ghost friends

  • Max Pet Level Increased to 150.

  • Fixed Item Seller.

  • Reworked Classic Sword.

  • Moved In-Game Roadmap to Special Areas Hub.

  • Players will no longer earn round participation rewards in the Main Game if they were not in the round to begin with.

  • Boss Battles Pet Drop Chance increased to 15% for All Boss Battles.

  • Fixed a Boss Battles Visual Bug where rewards would show for you even if another player dropped them.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 17.5:
  • In order to make the game more visually appealing, some of the UI has been revamped in order to be more accessible and to look nicer.

  • Chaos Pass: Season 5’s Epilogue has been added! This includes an extra 5 tiers which grant unique rewards, only on the premium track!

  • Music Tracks! Instead of picking a song in the settings menu from a predetermined selection, you can now purchase and unlock Music Tracks that can be listened to at any time, alongside giving Collection Points!

  • Gems can now be Afked for in the AFK Gamemode, with Roblox Premium Members earning twice as many!

  • New Special Area: The Archives. After reaching 800 wins, enter a new dimension where you can purchase items from previous Chaos Passes.

  • Mythic and Godly Abilities have been nerfed in order to balance them out.

  • Special Currency has been removed and its shop has been replaced with the Community Costume shop, where you can purchase community costumes for gems.

  • New Leaderboards have been added for Robux Spent and Collection Points! Reaching 1st Place on these leaderboards will give you rewards similar to the champions series!

  • Removed Upgrades: Hard Worker, Kill Credit, Participation Award. Compensation will not be provided if you had any levels on any of them.

  • Abilities have been removed from Boss Battles in order to prepare for its upcoming revamp.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Cosmetics/Update 17:
  • New Cosmetics have been added to the game. This includes Costumes to wear and enchants for your weapons. Costumes and Enchants are obtainable from the Cosmetic shop, Chaos Club, the Chaos Pass, or through Rare Drops.

  • Chaos Pass: Season 5 is now in-game and can be progressed through Daily Quests or rounds in the Main Game.

  • The Collection has been updated with new rewards and now gives points for owned emotes, costumes, and enchants alongside tools.

  • Boss Battles can now be played every 30 minutes, and grant more luck based on completion time.

  • New GUI buttons have been added to access The Collection faster, as well as to see your stats for each buff category.

  • Removed Upgrades: Pure Strength, Tank. Compensation will not be provided if you had any levels on either.

  • The Robux Store has been updated and the code menu has been moved there.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

2 Years Anniversary/Update 16:
  • Casual Chaos is 2 Years Old! To celebrate, there are party decorations, 2x Currency and XP in the Main Game for 1 week, and an exclusive piece of equipment that can be claimed for free!

  • Added Godly Pity to Abilities and Equipment + lowered the amount of rolls needed for the Mythic Pity.

  • Replaced the Chaos Dungeon Progression with Time Played Progression. Time Played goes up every second you’re in the game.

  • All Gamepasses and Gamepass Gifts are 25% Off for the duration of the anniversary celebration!

  • 1 New Emote: Camera Shuffle (Replaces Shuffler)

  • Mobile Shift Lock added inside of Boss Battles.

  • Removed Chaos Dungeons, Dungeoneer, and Extra Drop (For Now…)

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 15.4:
  • New Game Icon.

  • Added new Lobby Music: “Bee.”

  • Removed Dungeoneer Pack & Chaos Dungeons (for now…).

  • Put Extra Drop Offsale.

  • Fixed 2x Currency Boost text.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 15.3:
  • Moved the Classic Crate Tools to the Normal Crate.

  • Added New Boss Music for the Chaos King on Pro Difficulty of Chaos Dungeons.

  • Classic Sword rarity increased to Epic, and Superball rarity decreased to Uncommon.

  • Added the Chaos Club Tools to Sandbox.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 15.2:
  • The Daily Shop and Daily Shop+ have had their GUI’s refreshed with all of the Daily Shop menu’s combined into one.

  • Removed the Classic Crate. Classic Crate tools will soon be added to the Normal Crate & Daily Shop.

  • 12 Days Of Chaos has ended. It’s 3 limited emotes have been added to the emote rotation.

  • 2 New Emotes: Personal Podium, Toothless

  • Buffed Dungeoneer R$ Pack.

  • New R$ Pack: Beginner

  • Item Seller GUI’s can no longer be closed while on cooldown.

  • Doubled Hall Of Crates prices.

Update 15.1:
  • Added a Rules menu to the Main Game.

  • 2 New Emotes: Ascended, Skyfall

  • Added a new crate to the Masters Hangout. Epic Rarity or Higher Tools for 1000 Currency.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 15:
  • Pendants! Earn a new currency called Pendium and use it to create and upgrade your own pendant, which grants HP!

  • Chaos Club! For a monthly fee, get several rewards including exclusive tools, equipment, emotes, and more!

  • 3 New Emotes: Shuffler, Ruler’s Throne, Radio Vibe

  • The Lobby UI has been overhauled to be easier to see.

  • Messages will now show up in the chat if you roll a Legendary - Secret Tool, Mythic - Godly Ability, Legendary - Secret Pet, or Mythic - Godly Equipment.

  • Ability Rolling will now give you more luck at 100, 200, 300, and 400+ Mythic Pity.

  • Added 2 new songs to the Music Menu.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 14:
  • 12 Days Of Chaos! Complete a set of 12 quests, starting from the first, and earn special rewards!

  • 4 New Emotes: Whistle, Breakdown, Underneath The Tree, The Mystery

  • Brought back the 2022 Winter Crate Tools as part of one of the Event Quests!

  • The lobby has been changed to a festive theme.

  • Random Christmas music can be selected in settings!

  • Pet models will no longer show in Boss Battles.

  • Removed Abilities, Ultimates, and Pets from Chaos Dungeons. Equipment buffs will still work, but their models will not show.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 13.6:
  • The Main Lobby has been revamped, moving all the basement locations into it and other things like leaderboards statues!

  • Brought back the Normal and Dungeon Item Sellers.

  • New ‘Scenario’ and ‘Stock Grooving’ Emotes.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 13.5:
  • The Soul Reaper is now a permanent Boss Battle. His equipment has been buffed and changed to Mythical rarity, and his pet is now included as a random legendary pet.

  • Ability Scrolls! Each Boss Battle has a Mythical Ability Scroll drop that grants a specific Mythic ability based on the scroll you get when you use it.

  • A new menu has been added to the inventory that lets you view and equip exclusively openable tools. The menu is called “Useables”.

  • The current Chaos Pass will now remain in the game until at least 1 player reaches tier 50 on both the free and premium tracks.

  • Halloween decorations and lighting have been removed.

  • Ultimate Boss Battles have been removed, and all their drops have been moved to regular Boss Battles.

  • Boss Battle Keys are now used to reset the Boss Battle cooldown.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 13/Halloween:
  • Halloween! Put on one of 3 new random Halloween Songs and fight a new Limited Time Boss in the Boss Battles Gamemode for exclusive rewards! The lighting in the Main Game and Boss Battles lobby has also been updated as well!

  • Pets! After defeating a Normal or Ultimate Boss Battle, get a chance at obtaining a random pet with rarities ranging from rare to secret! Tap Q or press the Pet Skill button to use your pet’s skill, and win in the main game or Boss Battles to earn pet XP to improve your pet’s skill!

  • Chaos Pass: Season 4! Grind another 50 tiers to earn currencies, emotes, and even tools! You can also get exclusive equipment through the keys from the Chaos Pass!

  • New Gamemode: AFK! Every 10 minutes, earn a currency of your choice between Currency, Ability Tokens, Gold, and Special Currency just by being in the Gamemode!

  • 2 New Tools.

  • 1 New Equipment.

  • Nerfed all the Boss Battles in the Boss Battles Gamemode.

  • Changed the Daily Quest Chaos Pass Progression Distribution so you earn XP for each individual quest.

  • Added an alternative way to complete the first Daily Quest.

  • Extra Drop in Chaos Dungeons can now be purchased in the Store.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 12:
  • Ultimate Boss Battles: Fight an increased difficulty version of the current in-game Boss Battles for increased Gold and Ability Token amounts as well as other new rewards!

  • New Gamemode: In Sandbox, play with up to 30 people in large maps where you can use any tool in the game!

  • Community Equipment: In the Shop menu, click the Community Equipment tab to view and buy equipment taken from avatars from notable community members!

  • GUI Revamp: Many of the different shops and inventory’s have been formed into one gui for them, alongside the settings gui! GUI buttons now also show what they are for when hovered over.

  • For Chaos Dungeons & Boss Battles, you can now toggle whether a lobby is private or not. When private, a lobby can only be joined by people you whitelist.

  • Whether a Chaos Dungeon is hardcore or not is now determined by the host when creating a dungeon. The level requirement for making a Dungeon hardcore has also been removed.

  • 3 New Tools.

  • 7 New Equipment.

  • 2 New Titles.

  • The scaling of many guis has been fixed so they fit on all devices.

  • Playing a round now gives you Currency and XP regardless of your upgrades. 2x XP and Currency are not applied to this.

  • Emotes now have a small delay after ending before another one can be played.

  • Other Changes and Bug Fixes.

Update 11.5:
  • Titles: Click the Tag icon at the top of the screen to view and equip titles that are unlocked through different forms of progression in-game!

  • Update Log: Click the clipboard icon at the top of the screen to view the most recent update log!

  • Increased Base HP in the main gamemode to 200.

  • 1 New Tool.

  • Nerfed the Noobslayer.

  • Fixed the Godslayer.

  • Added “Champions Aura” Equipment that is given to the player at #1 on the Wins leaderboard.

  • Emotes, Abilities, and Ultimates can no longer activate if you hit their keybinds while typing in the chat.

  • 1 New Badge.

  • Reduced the time it takes for leaderboards to update in-game.

  • Other Changes and Fixes.

Update 11.1:
  • Fixed the Normal And Dungeon Seller.

  • Tools can no longer be used in the lobby.

  • Players will now be killed instead of falling to their deaths at the end of a round.

Update 11:
  • Boss Battles: Unlocked at level 10, fight one of two bosses every hour to earn rewards such as gold, ability tokens, or unique equipment to that boss! The faster you complete the boss, the more gold you earn.
  • Progression: As you do certain things throughout the game such as winning rounds or completing chaos dungeons, earn progression in that thing! Each progression has 5 tiers, and each tier gives you unique bonuses or rewards related to that tier!
  • Added buttons for using your ability, ultimate, and emote. The old emote button command has been removed in light of this. The Ability and Ultimate buttons also show the cooldowns for when they can be used, and the emote button shows the different statuses such as being disabled or an emote currently being active.
  • Emote Keybind on PC has been changed to F.
  • Ability Keybind on PC has been chanegd to E.
  • Replaced “Win Rounds” daily quest with “Complete Boss Battle” daily quest.
  • New “Pure Imagination” Emote. only obtainable through the weekend emote rotation.
  • 1 New Tool.
  • 3 New Badges.
  • Other Changes and Fixes.
Update 10:
  • Abilities: Use Ability Tokens to Gain unique powers and temporarily boost your stats!
  • Equipment: Use gold to get permanent equipment that gives small stat boosts!
  • Daily Quests: Complete 4 quests every day to recieve ability tokens, gold, and chaos pass progression!
  • Weekend Emote Rotation: Every weekend, get a random emote in the emote shop from any Chaos Pass in the game, or an awakening emote! The emote will be in the emote shop until the weekend ends.
  • You can now have more than one copy of each tool!
  • All Currencies & Gamepasses are purchased in the new store, with the option to gift these currencies and gamepasses to others.
  • All data from before Update 10 was changed into a new datastore. Use the datastore transfer in game to convert your data into new data.
  • Chaos Pass: Season 3
  • Chaos Pass Event Crates have been replaced with the Lucky Draw.
  • Adjusted Plate & Super Event Size
  • New “Expanded Storage” Gamepass.
  • Removed the ability to Stop Emoting.
  • 2 New Upgrades
  • 2 New Lobby Songs
  • 5 New Emotes
  • 7 New Badges
  • 2 New Tools
  • Adjusted Certain Gui’s
  • Chosen Lobby Music now Saves.
  • Emote Toggle moved to Settings.
  • “Mute Radio Music” Setting.
  • Bug Fixes & Other Changes
Update 9.2:

Chaos Dungeons:

  • New Difficulty: Nightmare (Level 300+). 5x Pity, No Common/Uncommon/Rare Drops , and Free Extra Drop.
  • Reduced the damage of enemies on every difficulty by 30%
  • Reduced the HP of bosses on every difficulty by 15%
  • Reduced Mythic Pity to 800
  • Reduced Godly Pity to 2500
  • New Final Boss music for Pro & Master Mode.
  • Changed Lighting for Pro & Master Mode.
  • Beginner Level Requirement reduced to 15.


  • Removed Snow From Map.
  • Removed Chaos Pass Season 2.
Update 9.1:

:shopping_cart: The Daily Shop has been revamped! unique items are now generated for everyone, the shop can be refreshed with robux, and it shouldn’t break anymore!

:heavy_plus_sign: Daily Shop+ Has received more perks for owning the gamepass but had its price increased as well.

:label: The Max Currency and Upgrade Crystal level for the Negotiator Upgrade has been increased.

:stopwatch: The time for the Chaos Pass season ending is now back to showing days.

:crystal_ball: The chance to receive a special reward from Daily Rewards has been increased.

:dollar: Classic Crate items can now be sold to the Normal Item Seller.

:hammer_and_wrench: Bug fixes and other changes.

Update 9:

:shield: Chaos Dungeons! Once you reach level 20, play a brand new game mode with challenging enemies and bosses alike. If you win, you can earn items and other rewards, some of which are exclusive to Chaos Dungeons! As you increase your level, you can also try harder difficulties which grant more rewards!

:heavy_dollar_sign: Daily Rewards! Every 24 hours, claim free currency that doubles with the 2x Currency Gamepass! and if you get lucky, you might receive something else as well…

:person_standing: Item Selling! Sell daily shop items to the Normal Item Seller for 5% of their Daily Shop price, and sell dungeon items to the Dungeon item Seller for a set price!

:dagger: 6 New Items!

:moneybag: Added a Robux Pack section to the Daily Shop!

:shinto_shrine: The price to use the Holiday Spirit’s Shrine has been increased to 2500 Currency.

:crossed_swords: Changed the rarity of certain items.

:arrow_upper_right: Changed up the main lobby a bit.

:toolbox: Fixed unintended visual things & other changes.

Update 8/Winter:

:snowflake: Added a brand new Chaos Pass with 50 TIERS!
:christmas_tree: Added a Christmas Countdown to the lobby! Play on Christmas Day for a surprise!
:gift: 8 New Tools!
:man_dancing: 8 New Emotes!
:musical_keyboard: New Winter Music and Snow!
:money_with_wings: Added the Holiday Spirits Shrine! donate $1500 and activate a server-wide 2x boost for 15 minutes!
:stop_sign: You can now press the F key on the keyboard to stop emoting.
:stopwatch: Reduced the cooldown for buying upgrades.

Update 7.5:

:x: Halloween Event Removed.
:microscope: The Weekend Currency Buff text can now be hidden.
:alarm_clock: Rounds will now automatically end after 15 minutes.

Halloween/Update 7:

:jack_o_lantern: New Halloween themed map lighting and music!
:bar_chart: Added the Chaos Pass! go through 20 tiers in total and get rewards along the way!
:candle: 5 New Limited Time Halloween items!
:man_dancing: 4 New Limited Halloween Emotes!
:grey_exclamation: 2 New Events!
:shopping_cart: The Daily Shop now has a default layout for when it stops working.
:wrench: Fixed Visual Bugs.
:x: Temporarily Disabled Competitive Chaos.
:crystal_ball: Certain items are now untradeable for specific reasons.

Update 6:

:man_dancing: Added Emotes! you can purchase them in the basement.
:arrow_up: Level Cap increased to a base of 150.
:curly_loop: Awakening! You can awaken when you reach your max level and gain extra bonuses.
:crossed_swords: Competitive Chaos! reach level 50 or Awakening 1 to play this new version of Casual Chaos for 1.5x Currency and Win XP.
:sparkles: Earn 0.25x Currency on certain days!
:gear: Settings now save.
:left_speech_bubble: New chat commands.

Update 5:

:pencil2: New EOTM: Pencil Of Pain
Pencil Of Pain Icon CC

:bow_and_arrow: 9 New Items.
:zap: Crates now open significantly faster.
:medal_sports: 4 New Badges.
:wrench: Fixed a bug where buying upgrades did not subtract currency on the server side.

Update 4:

:exclamation: 6 New Events!
:pick: 8 New Tools!
:credit_card: Gamepass Vouchers! (/vouchers in-chat)
:moneybag: Currency can now be purchased. (/buycurrency in-chat)
:memo: Codes! Check the settings menu to redeem them.
:ballot_box: Themed Crates added to the Daily Shop!
:red_gift_envelope: Players can now buy upgrades to boost certain stats!
:joystick: Added Levels! Go up to level 100 and earn currency for each level!
:gem: 2 New Gamepasses!
:medal_sports: 2 New Badges!
:wastebasket: Removed broken consumable items.
:recycle: Reduced price of Daily Shop+.
:arrow_upper_right: Increased price of 2x Currency.
:notes: Replaced Default Music with the original song.
:speech_balloon: View Chat Commands on the roof.
:hammer_and_wrench: Bug Fixes.

Update 3:

:shopping_cart:New Daily Shop! Every 12 hours, 3/4 random items will be chosen from the normal crate and be available for purchase.
:rainbow: New EOTM: Rainbow Periastron

:shopping: New Daily Shop+ Gamepass.
:nut_and_bolt: Gamepasses can now be bought in-game.

Update 2:

:notes: Replaced several broken audios due to the Roblox audio update.
:pen: When choosing background music, each song now shows the name.
:moneybag: New 2x Rarity Gamepass
:x: Disabled “Aurora Borealis” event, On and On event, and EOTM.

Update 1:

:arrows_counterclockwise: Trading
:pencil: 6 New Events
:bomb: New EOTM: Bomb Of Gold
Bomb Of Gold Casual Chaos Reduced Size

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