Catalog API being rate limited out of nowhere

Since 2:00 UTC on December 6th, the catalog API ( has been heavily rate limited.

Normally, my game (Outfit Editor - Roblox) runs with absolutely no rate limiting every day, and it has been for months. Now, it’s as if a flip was switched and after around 10 requests, I am rate limited for an unknown amount of time (usually a few minutes, then it goes back to working until 10 requests have been made).

This breaks the majority of my game and has caused my player count to drop dramatically. I would really appreciate some insight as to why this is happening and maybe to get a solution.

Before you ask, I am caching pretty much every request and not many requests are made anyways. If someone else can test this and see if it happens for them too, that would also be greatly appreciated!
I’d file this as a bug report but I can’t as I’m for some reason not recognized as a “regular” yet.



Use different proxies to avoid rate limiting. If the rate limit is on the game’s dedicated server itself which is issuing requests then you’ll need to implement limits/cooldowns into the game.

I’m using my own proxy. It’s solely used for this game, and i’m also caching web requests on the proxy server in order to share a cache between servers to further reduce request count.
Also, as I mentioned before this has never been an issue.

Yeah, if your proxy is being rate-limited you may need multiple.

How do you suggest I use multiple proxies if I can only have one IP address? I use a physical server at my house to host it, and I definitely don’t want to pay for a VPS or VPN.

2 years later, can’t buy more than 3 items at the same minute. What if it goes offsale?

Ever since I made this post it’s been an issue lol… The entire catalog has stupidly low rate limits along with the Avatar API.

I have really only encountered it recently for some reason