Catalog API | How to get all hats?

How can I get ALL hats in the catalog? Currently what I have is given to me up until page 17 of most categories. Now I know there are definitely more than 17 pages of accessories and such but I was wondering to how I could get access to the rest of the items that have not been looked at.

local url = " " --Page 17.
local data = game:GetService("HttpService"):JSONDecode( game:GetService("HttpService"):GetAsync(url))


if data.nextPageCursor ~= nil then
	while data.nextPageCursor ~= nil do
		url = "" .. data.nextPageCursor
		data = game:GetService("HttpService"):JSONDecode( game:GetService("HttpService"):GetAsync(url))

I checked the actual Avatar Shop and there are indeed only 17 pages only. It’s because the section you were looking at was Hairs that were made by the Community Creators only.

If you want all Hairs, created by the everyone including Roblox, here is the category and subcategory (just replace the numbers) :

Edit: Also above category/subcategory is just for hairs

and below is for all “Heads”. Sadly I can’t find the category specifically for hats in the avatar shop

Just look at the Avatar Shop to find the category/subcategories you want

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That page as well only goes to page 17.

Exactly, looks like for hairs there are only 17 pages too.


Use the Category/Subcategory for all “Heads” above and filter the hats by checking if
data[i].assetType == 8 since 8 is the assetType for Hats specifically.

Hmm can you give me a little bit more of an example? I’m a little confused. I’m mostly looking for hats.

for _, asset in pairs(data) do
   if asset.assetType == 8 then
      print("Asset is a hat")

Well yes, that goes through the data that is received through roblox proxy. I understand that part. I want to get past 17 pages and get ALL hats, hairs, etc because I know there is not just 17 pages of accessories.

So you want all the accessories? here is the category/subcategory of that i found quickly by going to the Avatar Shop and clicking on Accessories and clicking on All Accessories and look at the link of it that you couldve do.

Still. Only 17 pages of accessories

There are only 17 pages of accessories my man. It’s a fact.

So then where are these hats for example?

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They are hidden because they are unavailable

Only 1 item is though? Where would the others be?

They are all unavailable. Limited ones are included in unavailable list too.

and this?

its a hat accessory, so it should be there.

It’s not. I am sure of it. It’s very limited.

There’s no limited sign there, and I searched it up in the Avatar Shop in All Accessories and its definitely there.

Do you know how I could get the items that are off sale?