Catalog API URL is changing

Hey yall,

We’re changing the URL for the Catalog API. It used to be
the correct URL is now

Requests to the old URL will be redirected to the new one automatically, but you should update to the new URL as soon as possible because:

  1. Some HTTP clients will not follow redirects. This will lead to failed requests.
  2. Following a redirect requires an extra HTTP request. This will slow down your API response.
  3. Eventually, we may no longer support redirecting from the old endpoint to the new one.

The timeline for this is pretty quick: I’d like to start redirecting Tuesday, Feb 23, unless there is a solid reason to delay.

Additionally, I’d love to know if you are actually using this API and for what. Reply here or PM me. Thanks.

Wiki page:


I know people are using that API to search for sounds.
(Making use of a proxy, since HttpService doesn’t like roblox stuff…)


Any reason you can publicly say why it’s being moved to

Will it still be possible to search the ROBLOX library via this URL? I use this to display relevant decals to users in-game and would like to ensure this feature will not break.

@Usering It’s a scalability change related to taking the site to 100% HTTPS. I can go into more detail if you’re interested.

@woot3 Yes, the new URL will work the same as the old, just moving it

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Could be something to do with bots / ROBLOX+ sending many many many requests to the catalog to scan for new items. WebGL3D has stated himself (whether its true or not) that he needs to be careful on how many he sends to ROBLOX otherwise he could accidentally give them a mini DDoS attack.

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Thanks for the notice!

Notices like this really help when having to manage a PHP class for sites.

Edit: Sorry didn’t mean to reply to ZacAttackk

Thanks for the heads-up.

I am using the API to detect when ROBLOX releases catalog items so I can post tweets to @RobloxNotifier and send push notifications to users of this Chrome extension and an Android app.

I have talked with WebGL3D, the maker of ROBLOX+, and we both wish the API included a field for timed sale items indicating when they will go offsale. Currently we have to send an additional HTTP request to and scrape it from the page.

It would also be nice if there was a web hook which fired whenever an official ROBLOX-made asset was updated or created. This would eliminate the need for continuously polling the catalog API for updates and would reduce the load on ROBLOX web servers.


Excellent ideas. We’ll need to update it soon anyway to work with upcoming R15 avatar changes; perhaps we can add timed sale info at the same time.

I’ve been thinking about leveraging our real time events system for catalog notifications as well, but I think that will require more discussion.


It would be great for catalog item change notifications to be built into the website. I hope we can also get notifications for new messages, new trade requests, and group shouts too.

A web hook would still be useful for third party applications wanting to get notified of catalog updates.

While you’re at it can you make a ‘Click to make sure you’re not a robot’ captcha?

I’ve literally completely given up on sales because people just bot all the items and ruin the fun.


Would an RSS feed work for this? “Catalog Update RSS Feed”

A web hook would be useful because it would support near real-time notifications. An RSS feed is not a substitute for a web hook because subscribers would have to poll the RSS feed for updates.

By web hook, do you mean like an endpoint for a socket to subscribe to?

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FYI the url has changed. now redirects to


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