Catalog Assets - Free to use?


Hi! I’m new to Roblox, and I recently discovered that any asset from the official Roblox Catalog could be inserted into Studio with the InsertService API, even assets that cost Robux on the Catalog. My question is, are we permitted to use ALL assets from Catalog in our games for free, even the ones that cost money in the Catalog? Thank you!


Yep, all of them! You’re only restricted from assets made by other users that aren’t free to take.

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Awesome! As a follow-up, if we sell Catalog assets as affiliate gear in our game, do we just use MarketPlaceService:PromptPurchase with the AssetId in the Catalog URL for the desired gear item, and this would use the Catalog Robux price, which we would get 10% from if purchase was a success?


You cannot sell the roblox catalog items. You can only sell shirts, pants and t-shirts. However you can add gears to your game and then if a player buys it from your games page you get a percentage of the robux. To add a gear to your game all you need to do is go to your games page then click store and click add gear, you don’t need to use MarketPlaceService.

To add to the other post, try to avoid using items that were made during Roblox events as they may be against the terms of use if you use them in your game.


It depends. If you’re using it as an asset ID (like for a skin) it’s totally fine. However, you can sell gears and get 10% of the revenue from that gear (I believe more if you have BC.) For the most part, the assets on the catalog are totally free, and yes, you can use them commercially, although I’m not sure if you can use them outside of Roblox.

You cannot sell these items on the catalog, although you can use the assets in your game. You can easily sell gear too.

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