Catalog descriptions censors links if you put text after it

This has been going on for about a month as of making this post, and it was around the time roblox was having some issues.

To summarize, any time I put some text after a link in the description of any shirt or pants I configure, Part of it gets tagged. Any text I put before the link does not, however.


The original text was this: Matching Shorts:

Thinking about making a whole new collection off this, but idk.

  • Go to the website and head to the creations or group creations tab, and click on either shirts or pants.

  • Then, select any piece and go to the configure page.

  • Put in a link in the description, and add some text after it.

  • Update the piece and you will see a partially tagged description.

I’m not sure if this applies to assets in the library (meshes, decals, etc.), or accessories in the catalog. So far, it only seems to affect clothing, whether it’s onsale or offsale.