Catalog item request category

There should be a DevForum category that allows Developer Forum members and new members to request and give ideas for new catalog items. I feel like this would help the team behind the creation of catalog items by giving them a community perspective on ideas for new items

I disagree with this because the eventual plans to move to UGC hats, and the extra work it would put on the team to go through requests.


They announced that at 2016 RDC and we have heard anything since. How do we still know that UGC hats are still coming out? Also, what about developer requests? Roblox has to look at those as well so why not just do the same for Catalog Requests?

I’d rather they go through their backlog and bring older items back onsale/limited. As Nexus pointed out, we’re waiting for UGC in terms of user made stuff. Until then, bringing these old items back wouldn’t cost nearly as much resources.

They were brought back up during RDC '17 and RDC '18. They’re not cancelled, just taking their time. I’d say it’s fair, considering time is needed to set up a system which supports such a change in the market without falling apart and letting users run wild with whatever they wish to make to the point where it devalues high priced items.

No. This is the developer forum. Direct access to staff is for development / technical purposes. If Roblox was ever interested in pursuing something like this, it would likely be a program separate from the devforum, as it has nothing to do with developers.

UGC is pending a finalized avatar, which is still being worked on (anthro). Having millions of user-created hats and taking all of those through the process of changing avatars would be a nightmare. UGC being locked behind avatar finalization makes changing the avatar much easier.


I’m curious to see how UGC will effect the current Roblox made assets on the catalog. I’m hoping they dont interfere at all, in the sense it’s a completely different playing field and doesn’t devalue the current billions of Robux worth of hats there are on the Roblox Catalog.