Catalog Items Multi Typed?

128158508, 119085702, 141740379,158066137,16646369, 17110000,175134718, 187848395, 19399000, 25737682, 25741345, 306969564, 391009843, 39247220, 40493240, 444447532, 444449514, 503941911, 5161514, 890867481, 928909852, 987022351

I was working on the shop system for my game and had a lot of IDs I needed to scan through to categories them based off asset type, so I made some code that used the MarketplaceService to get each Asset type the IDs I had, though now finding out some assets have multiple IDs.

Those IDs above are ALL Accessories | Face however non of them make any sense to be a Face…
They’re accessories that go on your face.